It Lash by Dior review

It Lash by Dior

This is the newest mascara from Dior. Launched around June this year. It’s also the most complemented mascara I have ever worn!

What to expect?

This mascara has a plastic wand to both separate and build volume. If you hate plastic wands bare with me here and you won’t regret it.
This time the wand is designed well and it will make your lashes look incredible.

It lengthens and slightly volumises your lashes but what’s even most important is this wand will keep each your eye lashes perfectly separated making them look much fuller. When I use ‘It Lash’ it looks like I have double the amount of eyelashes.

Be bold!

Initially I tried a sample of ‘It Lash‘ in black, but for some reason when I purchased the full product, I decided to go bold and chose ‘It Lash’ in electric blue. Not being used to wearing bright blue mascara I quickly had second thoughts. “What the hell was I thinking going blue! I’m not 13”.
But as soon as I stepped out of the house the complements started coming. Everyone was complementing me on how lovely my eyelashes looked and how nice this blue mascara was. Even men were noticing and liking the look of ‘It Lash’, so I thought that bold and blue isn’t too bad after all.
I now wear ‘It Lash’ nearly every day and I love it.

Dior It Lash in Blue

I do feel that building the blue ‘It Lash’ mascara to a desired finish is harder than doing it with the same mascara in black. I feel like its texture is thicker. Perhaps this has something to do with the pigments in the colour.

The plastic wand!

It’ll keep your lashes separated as you go over with the wand building length and volume to your eye lashes. I found that it’s easy to load mascara without getting it all over the eyelid. But to create length and volume you have to apply it a couple of times over each area of the eyelashes.

The final result is very tidy. That’s what I like about this mascara.
I like it enough to even repurchase it. Even though I love the blue, I might give black a go next , just for a comparison.

Would you dare to show off your eyelashes with a bold and bright mascara like blue ‘It Lash’

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