10 minute make over!



Yes, it can be done in less than 10 minutes!

There’s nothing more frustrating, than having to rush your full face makeup early in the morning.

I’m talking about the kind a hectic mornings when you press snooze too many times!

It’s happened to me more than once and I’m an early bird! To add to the nightmare it usually happens on a very important day. On a progress review with the boss or an important meeting with a client!

Sounds dreadfully familiar? Well things happen so let’s not stress about it, because I have a solution for you!

I’ve put together a makeup look, which you can recreate in record time! I even filmed it being done to make it even easier for you to recreate this look.

When you have 10 minutes to get ready and look your best this is what you need!

All you need is just 6 makeup items:

  • Foundation
  • Brow product of your choice
  • One eyeshadow – I’d recommend Clarins cream to powder shadow pots.
  • Blush
  • Mascara
  • Lip colour
  • Why these particular products?

Because they will let you do exactly what you must in such a short time: conceal and correct, enhance and add a pop of colour.

Smart products are the key!

You can totally nail it in 10 minutes. The key is to know which products you’ll have to use and why, plus finding formulas that will work in your favour.

I have it all covered!

  • Foundation will help us to correct and conceal any unevenness and imperfections. As it gives us decent coverage we can skip the concealer and still look pretty flawless.
  • Brow product will enhance features and frame eyes, which makes them look bigger. This is a handy trick. Just like a painting looks better in a frame, your eyes will look better with your eyebrows enhanced.
  • Blush will not only add some colour, which will instantly perk you up but also make those cheeks pop a little.
  • Eyeshadow will help to enhance your eyes even more. When we’re talking about a full face makeup we can’t really skip the eyeshadow, but we can cleverly select one shade that will look good all over the lid.
  • Mascara just finished off your eyes.
  • Lip colour is your final touch. As Coco Chanel would agree that every woman needs a red lipstick or at least one that’s bold and bright.

Now you know what products you’re using and why. Time to be smart about it all:

Application and textures will speed up the process. This is why for a full makeup look in a flash I love Dior Airflash as it’s a spray on foundation. You can add a finishing touch with a gentle stroke of a brush.

Powder blusher will set on top of your foundation and have good lasting power. You’ll be able build its intensity very easily too.

Cream shadow can be applied with your fingers. This is a fast and no fuss way of applying makeup and you won’t need to worry about the shadow dropping on your cheeks.

Mascara and brow product are quite universal. Simply use a product you’re the most familiar with for speedy application.

Finally for the lips I’ve chosen a bold and bright colour but also a lasting formula of Bourjois Velvet lipstick. This way I can assure that my lipstick re-touch is going to be after lunch.

Is there any product you’d add or use in such a situation that I haven’t mentioned and should?

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