3 body scrubs for sensationally smooth skin.


As the summer fades away it’s time to get to work and give your skin that healthy glow. By the end of summer, the sun, wind and salty water dry out our skin, leaving it with dry patches and a lack of that healthy, juicy glow.

Don’t go thinking you’ll have gorgeous skin from lying on the sofa and watching Downtown Abbey. Off you go to the bathroom to exfoliate those limbs. If you’re doing a good job you’ll probably burn some calories too.

Exfoliate your body regularly to make sure you’re get the most of your body treatments.

By getting rid of dead skin cells that sit on the surface, you’re allowing your products to be absorbed better into the deeper layers of your skin.


Crushed Cabernet Scrub is used in professional Caudalie Vinothérapie Spas. It leaves your skin feeling incredibly smooth. It promises the skin to feel soft and silky. I have to admit that when I run my hand over my skin after using it, it feels incredibly smooth. As if I was touching a very expensive silk scarf. All I’m trying to say is that your skin will feel extremely good! As this scrub contains grape seeds and essential oils and it smells fruity fresh, which is why it was my first choice in the summer months, but I think its a great all year round scrub. It proved to get rid of self tan remains easily too.


Elemis Skin Nourishing Body Scrub:

This is a Luxury body exfoliator for any dry skin sufferers out there. It’s creamy and rich. It uses natural exfoliators of rice and bamboo to gently polish the skin. It’s a must have on your bathroom shelf if you find most of skin exfoliators quite drying. Elemis skin nourishing body scrub is infused with skin nourishing oils. No word of a lie. I have never had dry skin after using it. Marvellous stuff. Its warm powdery scent makes it a perfect addition to a pampering winter night. A little goes a very long way. I have been using mine for nearly 6 months, occasionally switching it with something else and it’s still going.



I was introduced to KORRES by my friend. This scrub smells like the biggest bouquet of flowers from the best florist on the high street. The exfoliating bits are more harsh and detectable on your skin. Great if you’d like to boost micro circulation in your skin and give it a healthy glow. It makes my skin feel revived. If you love natural skincare you’d love KORRES with the scrub having 90.2% natural content formula. But stay away if you suffer with nut allergies. I found a similar product on FeelUnique.com here 


What’s your most loved body scrub? Do you use one that I haven’t mentioned and feel it’s worth sharing?

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