New Burberry Fresh Glow BB Cream Review.


This new release from Burberry is your way to give your skin just the perfect dose of glow and evenness and make it look as if it’s absolutely bare. The product is so sheer no one will ever notice you’ve got makeup on. Just the complexion everyone will envy! Scrumptious and glowing skin lies in the core of the Burberry image.  Let’s have a look at this new addition to the Burberry Beauty family.

Newly released Fresh Glow B.B. Cream is infused with Burberry best selling beauty product Fresh Glow Fluid, to add to your skin a gorgeous yet natural glow.

Burberry Fresh Glow B.B. Cream

The instant fix:

After application your skin will instantly look radiant and perfectly rested. Small amounts of concealing pigments will also even out fine imperfections or redness. There’s no particular coverage to this product, after all it’s a BB cream, but this is the reason why it looks so gorgeous and natural on the skin. It blends into the skin so nicely you won’t be able to tell that you’ve applied anything on it. I came across bb creams, which even though they have a light texture and minimal coverage; still show on the skin. Burberry Fresh Glow B.B. cream made it very quickly to my top favourite BB products out there because I love how its dewy finish mimics perfect skin, giving us an illusion of skin perfection.

The way it feels…

It has quite a rich creamy texture. At first I was worried that I may find it too much for my combination skin type. Soon I discovered that despite the formula being quite creamy at the start, it blends easily and evenly on the skin. After about a minute it completely melts with the skin becoming somehow one. I couldn’t feel it anymore and I completely forgot I had it on.

As the day goes on…


I was extremely impressed with its lasting power. Fresh Glow B.B. cream kept my complexion looking fab absolutely all day long. It gives you ‘toddlers’ skin. A complexion with a healthy glow, smooth surface that has even tone too. Skin that doesn’t look like it needs any help from makeup. I used it a few times under my foundation and found it worked absolutely fine as a base too, especially paired with a sheer coverage velvet finish foundation such as By Terry Sheer Expert.

You might have noticed by now that I’m a huge believer that when it comes to complexion, less is more. The less you put on your skin the better it’ll look. I very much like to embrace lightweight textures with sheer coverage that allow my skin to shine through. This is exactly what Fresh Glow B.B. cream is about. You shouldn’t try to build up coverage with a B.B. cream. If you’re still concerned with some skin imperfections, reach for a lightweight concealer and apply it under the eyes. Then use it around the nose and chin to hide any redness and blemishes. Still not enough? In that case bb cream might not be for you. Try foundation instead.


Look this way if you want to boost your skin radiance. If you need a quick fix in the morning and a no fuss base. It’ll be perfect for you if you don’t like to play around with too many products such as primers and foundation. In my opinion this Fresh Glow B.B. cream would suite perfectly any skin type from dry to combination. I’d stay away from the shine if you have an oily skin type. It also has SPF 20. It comes in a 30ml tube and costs £30. You can pick it up online here. It’s a must have if you’d like a luxury base to create a perfect nude makeup look. I love it paired with a nude lipstick and soft pink blush.

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