August Beauty Favourites.


In August I loved makeup; even more than usual! I played with colour. Colour on my nails. Colour on my lips. Colour on my Eyes. I also had a couple of new products that I fell in love with instantly, however most of products that I played with this month were just good old tried and tested beauty products, which I already had in my beauty cabinet.


Burberry Nail Polishes. 


At the start of the summer I was swearing I’d never wear white nail polish on my nails. I’m not a teenager and don’t have to follow all the trends to feel part of a group. Could you imagine walking around looking as if you had painted your nails with tipp-ex. At least that’s what I thought at the start of the season. My views have quickly changed though after trying some nail polishes at Burberry Beauty Box and finding that Burberry Sessional Collection crystal white looks not only funky but elegant too. White nail polish can prove to be difficult to apply, however with just two coats of nail Crystal White I had a slick finish. I liked how it looked. I liked it a lot! I BOUGHT white nail polish and I’m 34!!!  I also bought another bottle in a more traditional shade. The Ash Rose. These two have been on my nails all the time!


Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Cheek blush in First Love

Well this is just a good old classic to have in your makeup bag. The colour is intense enough to add a healthy colour to your cheeks and make them pop, without being overpowering, so it’ll go well with whatever colour lipstick or eyeshadow you’ll decide to go for.


Dior it Lash

Going blue was a bit of a change and took some getting used to. However after many complements each time I wore it I’ve quickly become a convert.

Lip Colour


I mostly played with bold and a nude look on my lips. Going from bold, bright colours with a velvety finish to natural lips with a slick of juicy and shimmering gloss on top. To create those looks I reached for a trusted product. I’ve only thrown into the mix a new lip gloss in rose-berry pink from Burberry.

Lip Velvet by Bourjois in Ole Flamingo and Lip gloss by Burberry in no19. Clarins Gloss Prodige in Coral Tulip no11 and Estee Lauder Signature lipstick in 03 Pink Champagne were on my lips through the month. Bright and bold or nudes that are perfectly enhancing my lips allowing me to play with colour on my eyes.

Lip Velvet is perfectly bold for the girls on the go. I promise you it’ll stay put and you wont even know it’s there. It won’t dry your lips or look flaky.

Now as far as I’m concerned a lip gloss is a lip gloss, it will eventually wear off, however I can’t stand it if the scent or taste is horrid. Both Burberry and Clarins glosses have a a lovely texture that lasts relatively long and is not sticky or tacky.

Oil Control Oil Absorbing sheets

Certainly the most glamorous of all products this month! NOT!! This is just a good makeup bag essential. If you have combination or oily skin you simply must try it. It’s only about £3 from Boots. Retouching your makeup midday will be so much nicer. Being able to blot your skin from excess oil without damaging or rubbing off your makeup will allow you to touch up and powder your pretty nose without it caking and looking patchy. It’s my absolute must have.


Now if you lasted till the end my love, sit back and enjoy this month’s beauty favourites video.

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