What a fairy godmother can teach us about overcoming our skin concerns?


You may think I’ve lost the plot talking about fairy godmother sorting out your skin problems! Bear with me here and I will explain but before I do so, let me ask you one question.

What is your skin concern? If you know the answer then that’s a good start and you’re among the lucky minority. Most of us get a bit confused here as we have so many things that concern us about our skin, we don’t know where to start.

Why should you know what your skin concern is?

If you want to solve any problem that you have with your skin you need to know it. Quite straight forward but in a world of endless bottles of beauty specifics, it can get a bit confusing. Especially when many ‘magic’ creams are promising to resolve any of our skin dilemmas all at once.

Recognising what your skin concern is will help you to stay focused while shopping for beauty products. As a result you’ll be able to choose products that are better suited to your skin type and concern meaning you’ll see much faster results.

Most of us have more than one skin concern. Sometimes tackling both at the same time might be difficult or nearly impossible. In my career working also on various beauty counters; I often came across ladies saying that they have no concerns. Which of course doesn’t help to recommend the right product for them and the truth is everyone is concerned about something even if it’s just to hydrate your skin. However, when the fairy godmother appeared, and offered one wish to turn their skin around, suddenly they were able to find their skin concern. This is why I think she can help you too!

The Fairy Godmother trick! 

So if I was a magic fairy today and gave you one wish to turn around something about your skin, what would it be? Now if you have two concerns, say: spots and first signs of ageing, you have to choose only one! So which one would it be?


There. This is your primary skincare concern. With this in mind you should shop for your products. This way they will be more effective in solving your skins dilemma faster allowing you to focus on your secondary skin concern sooner than you may think.

Sometimes you may be able to tackle both at the same time but always choose a stronger product for your primary skin concern. For example – serum would be the treatment for your primary skin concern and a moisturiser for your secondary. Your cleansing routine and your add on treatments such as masks should also support your primary skin concern.

So if I was a real fairy godmother and gave you one wish to turn your skin around with one flick of my magic wand, what would you wish for?

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