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photoOils can do wonders for your skin, FACT!

No need to be petrified and wave your hands in a hectic movement trying to shout as loud as your lungs allow you to that your skin is already oily and spotty.

Look it’s pretty straight forward. Let’s just simplify things here. Your skin is made of oil and water and as long as these two are in perfect proportion; your skin will be perfect too. The moment you’re loosing one or the other your skin is going all bananas.

Oil is the skins natural lubricant = moisturiser. Have you ever noticed your skin gets oilier when you’re working in the office and not so much at the weekend? Got ya! See this is because your office/car is air conditioned (in most cases), and air conditioning is sucking moisture out of the air, which basically means it’s also sucking moisture out of your skin leading to its dehydration. The only way your skin can protect itself from loosing too much water is to produce more oil as this will create a protective barrier on the surface of your skin and keep the water in.

So you see oil is good for your skin.


If you apply oil on an already oily skin type it tricks it. Skin feels there’s more than enough oil and is not producing that much itself. Also remember that oil blends designed for oily skin are often carefully crafted to help balance the skins oil production.

Don’t feel left our if you have dry or dull skin. There’s an oil blend for every skin type.

This time I put together some of my favourite beauty oils. From face cleansers to bath oils. These are the ones to put on your wish list. You’ll thank me later.


Have you ever used an oil treatment? What is your favourite? If you’ve never tired it tell me why? What is your biggest fear of using a treatment oil?



  • Reply November 17, 2014


    i use Coconut oil or Olive oil and castor oil to remove my makeup . thank u
    i love all posts and video

    • Reply November 20, 2014


      Hi Sarah,

      Thak you so much for watching and commenting. May I ask you if you have any skin dylemmas at the moment?
      Speak soon,
      Ewa x

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