What your facial serum has in common with underwear? An Ultimate guide to serum selection.

If you use serum you’re most likely hooked on it. If you haven’t, the whole serum business can be a bit overwhelming. Brands are almost on a daily basis bringing out new products, each better and better than the last. All hoping to take a chunk of the rapidly growing serum market.

The Wonderbra effect on skin! 

Serum is an intense treatment with a much higher concentration of the active ingredients than a moisturiser. Serum penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, therefore often you’ll achieve faster, more significant results than you would with a moisturiser. Science and technology has a lot in common with cosmetics nowadays. Many brands will spend years in the laboratory developing their products. It took 12 years to develop Lancômes Visionnaire or 5 to develop the recently released Smart serum from Clinique. In that crazy race between the brands luckily we are the winner! Nearly daily we have new, more advanced and better targeted products to give us dream skin. The variety of serums on the market is simply overwhelming, however I’m convinced it’s only in its infancy so will be growing fast. They do work, I’ve seen results on myself, friends and clients I used to work with. A well suited serum may significantly transform your complexion just like a Wonderbra can transform your figure by lifting your boobs and therefore showing your waist and hips!

Go Global or better Universal! 

There are serums which can tackle multiple skin concerns. If this sounds like your kind a thing look towards Estée Lauder Advance Night Repair or Smart serum from Clinique or Double Serum from Clarins.  At the same time you’ll will be able to find great and very effective products to tackle specific concerns. These types of serums were very popular in the last couple of years. Brands were able to develop products that we’re delivering significantly better results than any moisturiser in the market by focusing on one concern and developing the appropriate technology. Now, if something isn’t GLOBAL- (which basically means it will work on various skin concerns) it just simply isn’t cool. This trend is mainly visible with global moisturisers; like the one from Dior, Estée Lauder or Sephora. Now however the trend is expanding also into the serum market. Take for example the new Smart Serum from Clinique or even the award winning Double Serum from Clarins. It tackles all sorts of skin concerns from lines to pigmentation, from unevenness to radiance. It knows apparently what your skin needs because it’s smart.
I’m not to sure what’s going to come next but wouldn’t be surprised if we go Universal I suppose who said that the sky has to be the limit!?

How to choose it and why should you talk to the Fairy Godmother?

Serum is a beautiful thing! You can tackle nearly any of your skin concerns with it. If you have more than one skin dilemma, then there is still moisturisers left to get on with your secondary skin concern. What if you don’t know what skin concern you should be concerned about? Then you should talk to the Fairy Godmother! Yes I’m for real! If I was a magic fairy today and offer you one wish to turn your skin around, what would you wish for? Whatever you just wished for, this is your primary skin concern. With your primary skin concern in mind you should look for the right serums out there.

Wear it like underwear!

Now you have your bottle of the magic potion. What next? How to use it? When to use it? Do you still need to bother with a moisturiser? Your new serum just cost you an arm and a leg so why should you use moisturiser on top of it! Shouldn’t it now be an all dancing and singing product, an answer to your skin dilemmas in one easy step?
Perhaps one day – when they’ll be ‘universal’ but for now wear your serum like your UNDERWEAR!
Your bra and pants are there to do the job not to keep you warm, right? So is your serum. It’s been designed to go deeper into the skin and work there. Whereas your moisturiser is like clothes it stays on the surface layer; where it hydrates and protects your skin.

The realistic approach and the key to time travel.

Of course nothing will stop the clock. You’re not using your serum to look 21 forever. You’re not trying to turn back the clock. You do it to look 10 years younger. (This apples to anyone 30 and older). You do it to feel good in your own skin everyday. Even when it’s time to go to the school reunion. You do it to keep the fresh face even though your kids are keeping you awake most of the night. Treat your skincare like your wardrobe and your serum like your underwear. Re-fit and re-adjust as you grow older and your skin concerns and needs change. Nowadays, beauty products are pretty smart, many will deliver immediate results. Be realistic when it comes to the results but trust good brands that spend time and money on research. The best results you’ll see when time has gone by and your skin looks like you unlocked the secret of time travel!

Which serum do you use and why? Or maybe you don’t use any and feel it’s all a con, why do you think so?


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