OnePiece – more than just a Jumpsuit!


Before I got my hands on my first OnePiece Jumpsuit last winter, I thought that this was a trendy piece of chill out clothing reserved mainly for youngsters. After all, I was all into my L.K. Bennett stilettos and well fitted smart dresses. To be totally honest I felt too serious and too old to possess one.

Luckily the better part of my brain managed to convince me that OnePiece is going to be fantastic for chilling out after hours. Not only super comfy and cosy but also warm as it’s made of good quality thick cotton.

SummerOnePiece + ShortPiece_ SocialBeautify

When I first jumped into my OnePiece I loved it instantly!  If I ever thought I was too old or too serious to lounge about in it, well what can I say, I changed my views very fast :)

The art of slacking!


After adding a couple more OnePiece items to my collection I learned that OnePiece is much more than just a piece of slackerwear. Through this brand I met a whole load of professionals that pop on their jumpsuits after hours to feel free, relaxed and cosy.


OnePiece haven’t just launched an iconic jumpsuit that started the craze all over the globe, it launched a community. And don’t we all like to belong to something?! It all started in Norway with an idea of tying together a hoodie with a pair sweatpants using a giant zipper. Now OnePiece has ventured from the living room to the streets too.


Now OnePiece for me isn’t just chill out wear! Often it’s my work uniform. I’m siting wearing my summer OnePiece jumpsuit right now, as I’m writing this. I wear it when I’m enjoying late summer nights and a glass of vino in my garden. I pack it with me for any trips away. This is a must have for camping, skiing, festivals and all sorts of activities.


When the weather is hot or it’s time for a beach trip than I rock the ShortPiece. All made of cotton so you feel cosy and comfy whatever the weather.


I thought I’d ask some OnePiece wearers why they love their OnePiece so much, here is what they said. 


Samantha Weir:

Were just a group of 3 best friends who literally do everything together, we mostly travel, attend concerts and sometimes sporting events. Lots of our favorite bands know us as the “tripod”. We love OnePiece because it gives you a sense of fashion while not even having to worrying about putting together an outfit. Just toss on your OnePiece and a pair of Nikes and- boom! perfect outfit for anything! Plus it’s super comfy for car/plane rides and nap time!

photo 2-7

Matthew Evans:

I chose to wear my OnePiece in a lot of places, it’s the perfect slacker sunday wear chilling, watching movies all day but it can also be pulled off walking the streets of London. Skiing is a very big hobby of mine, which I live for. Recently I did a 6 month ski season as a OnePiece seasonaire. The OnePiece is ideal to wear when skiing spring snow when the suns out and you don’t want to be wearing full ski gear, it keeps you comfy and with the Lukesoft Design it suits the mountain!




Natasha Smith:

OnePiece for me means freedom to work rest and play all day everyday in style and comfort.



Natasha also recently did a sky dive for charity wearing OnePiece of course!



Because I love you all so much and would love you to have a OnePiece for yourself too, I asked the peeps at OnePiece HQ for a discount code. Yet again they said yes and here it is a whole 15% off their new collection by simply typing SOCIALB08 at the checkout. This code is valid until 21st August 2014so go over to and choose your style. Bare in mind this code will not work on any items that are already discounted.


Happy OnePiecing!

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