Your quick tutorial for red carpet eyes.


Charlotte Tilbury has certainly mastered to perfection, makeup looks for the red carpet glam. When there’s a need for makeup that will turn people’s heads, I reach for my beloved Dolce Vita eye palette from Charlotte Tilbury.

Watch this short makeup tutorial to create eyes that WOW.  All you need is the Dolce Vita palette, black kohl pencil liner, a mascara and if possible a gel eyeliner. The latter is not a necessity.

To apply your eye shadows you’ll only need a couple of makeup brushes: a blending brush and a precision brush.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been nearly wearing it daily. The palettes earthy shades are great to keep your eye makeup understated but a pop of gold glitter and warm shades make this little baby a winner when it comes to taking on a bold eye look.

Are you ready to get your brushes dirty?

Let’s go!

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  • Reply August 7, 2014


    I love the natural-glam makeup looks. This pallet reminds me of a Clarins one from a little while ago, that had sold out by the time I made my mind up to take the plunge!

    • Reply August 17, 2014


      Hi Natalie,
      Oh this palette is so beautiful, the shadow texture is great and they are really easy to blend. This is not a limited edition so you don’t have to wary it’ll disappear. However I have to say I already had a chance to see and feel the Clarins autumn eye palette and I have to say it’s lovely too!
      Thanks for taking your time for pop over to my blog reading it and leaving a comment. Let me know if there’s any particular video you’d like me to film.

      Ewa x

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