You’ve got a sun burn. What next?


It happens. Raw red skin that feels tender and sore.

Now you can only nourish and sooth your tender red skin hoping it won’t peel off.
Only a couple of weeks ago I came back home to find Mr. D with burned arms and neck. Good job I had just got home from the PHYTO Paris event, dedicated to celebrating the brands 40 year of expertise in the protection and beauty of body and hair in the sun.

The Guinea Pig

Equipped with the NEW Phytoplage Sublime After-Sun Oil for hair and body, I was able to start testing immediately and Mr.D was the Guinea Pig. This new sublime after-sun oil is supposed to be highly nourishing and rehydrating for the sun damaged skin and hair.

Mr.D found the oil was absorbed easily and kept asking for more as it felt very soothing. The smell was gorgeous too. I even caught Mr.D applying it on his own and that tells me that he must have felt a significant relief after using the oil.

It took a good 3 days for the redness to go down, however his skin never peeled. It got only a bit flaky 2-3 weeks later right on the back of his arms, where the skin was the softest and palest so it was affected the most.

The new Phytolage Sublime After-Sun Oil has got a yes from Mr.D and a yes from me.


The healthy skin experience

I like to use this oil after having a bath, when my skin is usually a bit dryer than after a shower. I wish though that the applicator was a tiny bit better. It comes out with some force and can easier bounce all over the place, so to avoid things getting messy I tend to spray it into my hand and then blend.

Since that emergency use of Sublime oil. I’ve tried Protective Sun Vail, which to me smells of Jasmine even though its key ingredients are Bamboo Marrow, coconut oil and candlenut oil. This product helps to protect your hair from sun, salt and chlorine damage. A must have for a beach summer bag.

This is the first time I used PHYTO products. After finding out that this brand was the first to use plants in haircare and is using the highest concentration of plant extracts in their products I’d like to try Densifying treatment shampoo and their Dietary supplement.

Have you ever tried any of PHYTOPLAGE or PHYTO products? What results did you find?


  • Reply July 22, 2014

    Patricia Montenegro

    Ouch! Mr. D’s sunburn looks incredibly painful! Happy to hear this product helped. I had no idea Phyto also made products for the body. Thanks for the review! XOXO

    • Reply July 22, 2014


      Yes he was sulking for good 3 days! He was also very annoyed with himself that he forgot to apply his sun protection, which he had in his bag. I haven’t tied anything from Phyto before but I liked the oil and hair protection spray so I just bought their shampoo, which I’ll probably review too. I don’t think they make a great deal of body products. I think it’s only the PHYTOPLAGE range that is for hair and body.

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