Your instant eye opener! INGLOT kohl pencil


Stop sulking that you look so tired and you have so much to do. Be happy! Live your life to the full and get yourself an INGLOT kohl pencil in beige. This kohl pencil is perfect to give you instantly bright and fresh open eyes. Then the Red Bull or a strong cup of coffee will do the rest.

The Search

I have been tying to find a secret kohl pencil to use on the water line for a couple of months now. This was mission impossible purely because I wanted a light beige colour. Beige will make your eyes look fresh and awake but at the same time it’ll be discrete enough so no one will know you’re cheating a fresh eyes look, unlike when you wear white line on a water line. I somehow feel like white kohl liner is strongly outdated.  Allowed only when you’re really going for the extravagant look, where white liner is the statement as part of a makeup look or if you’re under 15 years old.

I’ve searched nearly every drugstore and every beauty counter. But most liners were white. The best I found was a Lancôme liner from their summer limited edition in a silvery-grey colour. It was supposed to give you this fresh eye look and be discrete at the same time.

I wasn’t going to give my search up but it sort of became less of an urgent buy as it proved to be so tricky to find. And then, there it was looking at me from the INGLOT stand!

The Product!

Perfection! An instant pick me up for tired looking eyes! This liner has a lovely creamy texture so it’s soft and glides gently on the inner rim of your eyes. It lasts well and is well priced too. Winner!

Just take a look at the images here with no liner.


This is taken with the eye liner applied into my lower water line.


This product has made me really happy.

I love INGLOT, they do fabulous eyeshadows and nail polishes in every colour and shade you can imagine.

You can find INGLOT liner in 05 here  for just £9 or at INGLOT Boutique Westfield London.


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