June Beauty Favourites.


Yep, it’s time again for my monthly favourites.

I’ve been dying to tell you about Blue Plasma and Blue Lagoon Mask for a couple of months, but I really wanted to give them a good trial before making my mind up and June brings you my thoughts.

Two Products you Must hear me talk about. 

I discovered Blue Plasma from Perricone MD thanks to a fellow blogger Patricia.


Blue Plasma is a serum like no other. It’ll help to renew your skin; revealing beautifully smooth, radiant, healthy skin, just like it should be. No more freaky skin after exfoliating! No more sensitivity after leaving your enzyme peel for few minutes too long on your skin.

Blue Plasma is a non-acidic daily peel! This Bio-specific peel attacks only dead skin cells so you won’t get any redness or irritation. It also helps to draw impurities out of the pores and skin surface thanks to the Micro-extraction technology. Perfect if you’re living in a big smoky city, just like London.

I’m having fantastic results with Blue Plasma but priced at £79 it’s not cheep, but is however absolutely worth every penny. If you need a product that will not only keep your pores clean and skin smooth look this way.I’ve stopped using any other exfoliator and just watched how my skin improved over time. It took me about a month to notice a significant difference, but since then my skins condition is better than ever before, I’ve had many no makeup days and even Mr. D couldn’t believe that my skin was so smooth and even with absolutely nothing on it. He kept rubbing my face and checking if I had something on.

Blue Plasma is available to buy at some House of Fraser stores or on Perricone MD web site here.

I’d send you over to Patricia’s YouTube channel for a very insightful review of BluePlasma. It helped me make my mind. She’s coverered absolutely everything so I won’t be repeating her here, as Patricia’s done a great job on that. Head over to check it out.

This is Blue Lagoon Iceland’s – white clay mask. A true miracle to deep cleanse any skin type and sooth skin with acne, prone to blemishes or other skin conditions.


Blue Lagoon Iceland’s Clinic may be just the place to choose for your next holiday if you suffer with Psoriasis or other skin conditions, and it’s defiantly on my wish list of places to visit. For now I’m happy to settle for some skincare products straight from the geothermal fiords bringing the best nature ingredients in a tube. Viva online shopping!

Mr.D brought me this amazing Silica Mud Musk from Blue Lagoon Iceland when he was working in the area, and I have to say his choice was great. This is by far the best cleansing mask I’ve tried. Better than Aesop Parsley Seed masque. Although this mask has its place in my skincare routine too.

You’ll feel that all the dirt and sebum has been sucked out of your pores. I know this is a bit gross but bare with me here. Wait till the moment you wash your mask off! You won’t believe how smooth your skin will feel. I can’t find words to describe it other than a steamed rice pancake! It’s very smooth right. But then that’s not all. If you’re like me and occasionally suffer with break outs or react to products with redness, Blue Lagoon Mask works wonders! Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and nearly all redness and inflammation will be gone. An hour later you won’t even know that there was ever any redness on your skin.

I’m totally hooked and will be re-ordering this mask, along with a couple of other skincare products I have my eyes on, as soon as it runs out.

In the UK and Europe you can buy Blue Lagoon Iceland products only by visiting their website here. They do deliver to various counties but be aware there’s a delivery charge.

There are some other heroes too.

  • In this month’s video you’ll also find me talking about the Smashbox Photofinish primer. Perfect for smooth oily skin.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Eye Palette in Dolce Vita. This baby will give you those sexy summer eyes, day or night.
  • Finally there’s Effaclair Mat from La Roche-Posay. I love this brand for delivering fantastic products that work. So when in the summer my skin gets oilier I always reach for this mattifying daily moisturiser.

Enjoy the video and don’t forget to let me know if you have any products suggestions.

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