Lovely Legs Spray Review by Cocoa Brown



Imagine beautifully brown legs thanks to a spray instant tan. Doesn’t it sound good? Are your legs also so pale when the sun first comes out, there’s a blue tint to them? I’m not big on self tan so the good weather always catches me by surprise.

After discovering the seriously good scrub and inexpensive, really fab gradual tan from Cocoa Brown I was very excited to test their Lovely Legs Spray. I took my mitt out, the Lovely Legs Spray in Medium Bronze and proceeded with the experiment.


The Mistake you don’t want to make unless you like cleaning.

I thought I’d achieve the best results by spraying Lovely Legs lightly and then blending it with a mitt. However after a first spritz I knew that it wasn’t a good idea. Spray it directly on your legs and you’ll get the product everywhere around you too. Trust me it’s not easy to remove from anything else other than your legs. Luckily I was spritzing away in the garden, but I don’t even want to think how much cleaning I would have had to do if it was my bathroom floor. It’s much easier to apply Lovely Legs onto the mitt and then blend. However, I couldn’t achieve a smooth and no streaky finish, no matter which application technique I used.


The disadvantages of pale limbs.

It smells beautiful just like all other products from Cocoa Brown and has a nice velvet finish, but I was just unable to blend it well to make it all look like a real tan. Lovely Legs in Medium Bronze is not a good choice for fair skin. I’ve seen some lovely pics on Instagram so I really wanted to get the same result. I wanted my legs to look golden and I didn’t want it to be obvious that I’ve used an instant tan. Instead I looked like an Umpa Lumpa. On my pale skin it had a fluorescent orange colour. I can imagine that it could work if you have olive skin, but on the fair and pale skin of my legs that haven’t seen the sun for over a year; this product simply didn’t work. Even if I was able to blend it evenly the colour itself was too orange to look realistic.


My final thoughts 

A quick tweet to Cocoa Brown and they advised to self tan with 1h tan before applying the Lovely Legs Spray, to get a more even finish and avoid looking orange. That’s all good, I totally get it, but in my opinion it slightly defeats the objective. To me instant tan is supposed to be an alternative to a self tan rather than an add on.

So as much as I love Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze and Tuff Stuff I’d stay away from the Lovely Legs Spray and stick to what works for me perfectly  when I need an instant tan that looks real.

Have you tried Lovely Legs? What’s your experience with a spray instant tan?


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