Caudalie Divine Legs Review

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This tinted lotion will give your legs a tanned, golden look. This is going to save the day when you finally have a chance to wear that new dress but your legs are just too pale to go on show. Seriously, you won’t ever be a victim of pale legs again.

The Formula:

It feels somewhere between a lotion and a gel. I like to use a mitt to apply Divine Legs, this gives me a bigger surface to work with, making the application smooth and easy. It blended evenly leaving no smudges even on very, very pale skin. This tinted body lotion contains very fine shimmer particles to give your legs a glow. But don’t be put of by it. There’s no glitter involved so you won’t sparkle in the sun like a member of the Cullen family. It reflects the light in a very soft and natural way, therefore even in the sun your skin will look scrumptious.

The smell is quite strong and it took me a moment to get used to it but after some time I was fine with it and could only smell it when I bent down to my legs.


The Results:

After application the product was instantly dry. My legs looked significantly darker but also natural. I was very happy with the colour. It was golden brown and looked real on my legs. It lasted all day even with my bare legs on show rubbing on chairs and clothes. It didn’t stain or look worn by the end of the day.

It got a YES from me! Since I’m not a massive self tan lover, I like to have a good instant solution at hand. This is the best I’ve tried so far. Looking how much I’ve used so far, I think it’ll last me for another 15 applications. Priced at £26 for 100ml, it might not be the most economic instant tan, but it’s absolutely worth it. I’m happy to pay that price for the result and ease of use it delivers.

Look this way if you need a fabulous and easy instant tan product.

You can get it from but I’ve just seen that it’s currently on offer on FeelUnique so snitch your Divine Legs here for just £20.80.

The Breakdown

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