Top 5 Skin Perfecting Products with SPF.


There’s a huge trend to have perfect and bare looking skin. Skin that doesn’t show any signs of makeup. You’ll find images of bare skin perfection in nearly every magazine. Influenced by those doll-like complexions, we continue to search for the product that will turn our skin around as if by the touch of a magic wand. Often we’re prepared to spend a lot of money on that magic cream too.

Don’t be fooled though. This look is very polished and often requires quite a few products. If you wish to have a perfectly smooth, plumped and radiant complexion without a ton of makeup, you need to find your perfect starting point. Your skin perfecting base.

Summer is hopefully only round the corner so lets look at some skin perfecting products with SPF, to give your complexion a toddlers glow and keep your skin safe in the sun.

I’ve selected some of my favourite products at the moment, and I hope you’ll be able to find here something for yourself.


  1. Garnier BB Cream SPF 20 (Miracle Skin Perfector) for combination and oily skin. You’ll love this product if your skin gets a bit shiny during the day. This BB Cream has a semi-matt finish. The formula is lightweight too so it blends nicely and doesn’t feel tacky. It comes in 2 shades and I’m using ‘light’. It really is quite good on covering small skin imperfections and even some blemishes. I’d compare the result to a sheer finish foundation. By far it’s the best budget BB Cream for combination and oily skin I’ve ever tried. If you have some more money to splurge go to no.2.
  2. Clarins Hydra Quench Tinted Moisturizer SPF15. This is a must-have if you like radiant skin and natural healthy glow. Its divine texture, which blends and absorbs easily will keep your skin perfectly hydrated all day long as it contains hyaluronic acid. The second key ingredient is katafray bark, which boosts the skin’s own hydrating mechanisms. The sheer tint will give your skin a perfected and radiant look. This is thanks to iridescent pearls that on the skin surface capture and magnify the light by diffusing subtle coppery-pink reflections. It’s become my instant favourite since the day I’ve tried it. Not only it’s perfect to create a no makeup look but its light and super hydrating formula makes Hydra Quench Tinted Moisturiser a perfect day cream to prep your skin for your makeup too. There are 7 shades available and I’m using 01 Sand. You can find it on and on counters.
  3. La Roche-Posay – ROSALIAC CC CREME SPF30. This is a must-have for your sensitive and prone to redness skin.  Normal or dry skin would love this cream as the formula is richer than the previous two. You’ll still find Rosalic CC cream easy to blend. If you suffer with redness you’ll be blown away how easily it’ll hide redness and give your skin an amazing glow. The finish is so dewy it’ll make a fantastic prepping base for any lust lacking complexion. You can pick it up from Boots or . I’ve used it recently in one of my recent makeup tutorials so if you’d like to see it in action click here.
  4. Garnier Miracle Skin Cream Anti-Ageing skin transforming care SPF 20. Formulated to adapt and blend into your skin tone this little tube will make a superb summer buy. It gives your skin evenness (not coverage like a foundation would) the formula is suitable for most skin types maybe with the exception of very very dry or very oily skin. You’ll be able to find it in most drugstores.
  5. Decleor BB Cream SPF 15 24h moisture activator. This is dry and dehydrated skins envy. This BB Cream will certainly keep your skin looking plumped all day long just like it’s promising on the tube. The finish is very sheer more like what you’d get from a tinted moisturiser rather than a BB Cream as it creates more evenness than coverage. It will make your skin look healthy and dewy. I’d recommend it to you if you have a dry or normal skin type as the formula seems to me a bit richer than Clarins Tinted Moisturizer and I found it pleasant and comforting but with my combination skin I needed a bit of powder across the T-zone to keep shine at bay. Initially I couldn’t find any indication of the shade on the box, however after some research, I found more shades. If this sounds like something up your street here’s the link to Decleor BB Cream for fair skin, Decleor BB Cream Medium (which is what I have) and finally Decleor BB Cream in Dark.


Here’s the video of me talking you through all the products. Enjoy.

I hope this helps, and don’t forget to share in the comments any fabulous skin perfecting products that you’ve tried.


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