Dry Touch from PIZ BUIN: A sunscreen just how you want it.


Piz Buin has launched a new range of sunscreens called Dry Touch thanks to the use of a new innovative dry touch technology. The formula is so light you won’t even know it’s on your skin. It absorbs literally within seconds, leaving absolutely no residue on the skin. I’ve already been raving about it in my ‘WOW factor beauty products’ feature, however I felt this range deserves more attention.

Dry Touch technology gives us a sunscreen just how we want it.

  • non greasy
  • feels ultra light upon application
  • it’s non sticky and dries instantly
  • Absorbs quickly into the skin


After using PIZ BUIN®ULTRA LIGHT Dry Touch Face Fluid SPF 30 for a couple of months now, I find its ultra-light, oil-free formula totally unnoticeable under my daily makeup. It creates a smooth, velvety base. I’m totally impressed, especially because it’s so hard to find good, lightweight and non-greasy sunscreen for the face, even on luxurious beauty counters. It combines immediate UVA / UVB protection. Priced at £11.99 this is a massive winner among sunscreens. I genuinely think you should buy it and use it. Even if the only sun exposure you’re likely to get is en route to work.

PIZ BUIN®ULTRA LIGHT Dry Touch Sun Fluid for the body is equally incredible. It dries just as quickly as the face version and is totally easy to apply. The tube has a handy little nozzle applicator, which means it’s mess-free. A dry touch technology and oil-free formula means you won’t need to worry again about your clothes sticking to your body. No more white marks. No more rubbing sun lotion in for ages to make it finally disappear.

I like how PIZ BUIN is constantly coming up with new and innovative formulas to make products more user friendly. Perhaps I feel a bit attached to this brand because my Mum always used to buy it for our summer holidays. But I can’t recall ever getting burned using PIZ BUIN and my recent face scan showed practically no sun damage.


In case you still think that sunscreen should only be reserved for summer holidays I’d like to encourage you to go over to Dija’s World blog. She’ll help you to get your head around the ultraviolet A’s and B’s.

You can find PIZ BUIN at Boots. Follow the link here.


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