Natural Makeup Routine Tips


Imagine a makeup look that you can create at home with no effort and not much thinking. The look that makes you feel stunning and confident, ready to take on the day with all it has to offer. This is what Natural Makeup Routine is for. The routine to create a slightly perfected version of yourself. Natural Makeup once perfected gives you a fabulous starting point for experimenting further with makeup looks. It’s easy to create more dramatic eyes or bold lips on the base of Natural Makeup Routine.

The key to looking good in the natural makeup is to:

  • Start with concealing any imperfections. Just make sure your base is matching your complexion and that you’re using products suitable for your skin type. Keep the base as lightweight as you possibly can to achieve both: evenness and natural finish.
  • Next, focus on enhancing your best features. If you have stunning eyes, make sure you frame them. If you have well defined cheek bones, show them off. If you’re lucky enough to have full and plumped lips focus all attention on them. You can do that with soft and natural shades by playing  with textures. For example to show off your full lips simply add a slick of gloss.
  • Finally, don’t forget you need to bring back colour to your face. This will make you look alive again and give your face shape and definition. Foundation, which you’ve applied to conceal skin imperfections has removed all different colour irregularities and redness making your face look somehow ‘flat’. The easiest way to bring back shape is to use bronzer to contour and blush to add colour to your face. Don’t forget about the lipstick, even natural shade can add a lot more definition. Lastly, adding a bit of a highlight onto the high points of your cheekbones and bridge of your nose will give you fresh and perfect looking skin. It will also make your cheekbones stand out more. If you don’t really have cheeks use this trick to define them.

I was asked by one of the readers to show what I’ve used and how I’ve done the look I was wearing in my recent April favourite video. This is the natural look I’m currently wearing quite a lot. Enjoy the video, which after some battle is finally live on my YouTube channel. I had to film it twice as I forgot to turn on my microphone the first time round. I hope you like it.



What other tutorial would you like me to film? If you have any video suggestions you’d like me to film simply pop your ideas in the comments below.

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