New MuraSol adds an extra layer of sun protection


The sun and the UV rays are one of the most damaging things for your skin among everything else :genes, general ageing, hormones, etc.

Dr. Murad created MuraSol Antioxidant Defence and advanced sun care technology so you can enjoy the Sun this summer and stay safe.

Do you know that even the highest sunscreen won’t fully protect you from damaging sun radiation? Now you do. There are always some rays that will penetrate to deeper layers of your skin.

UV rays create free radical damage within the skin that can lead to premature ageing. We need antioxidants that penetrate deep within the surface layer of the skin to neutralise these free radicals before the damage is done. We created MuraSol to close this gap and provide our customer with advanced, 360 degree sun protection.

– Jeff Murad, Vice President Product Development.

Now Dr.Murad created MuraSol Antioxidant Defence. As there’s no way to fully block UV rays. Dr.Murad figured out that if he could neutralise free radicals, he would solve a massive problem. MuraSol is a very advanced sun care technology, which quite frankly adds an extra layer of sun protection to your skincare.

What is MuraSol?

It’s a new sunscreen optimisation technology. MuraSol is a blend of powerful antioxidants. This blend of antioxidants is locked in tiny capsules that are able to penetrate the skin’s top layer to create a protective layer of free radical neutralisers. This way MuraSol provides a whole new level of sun and environmental protection.

What’s inside MuraSol?

The Key Ingredients of MuraSol Antioxidant Defence are antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E and Pomegranate Extract to keep your gorgeous skin soft and supple. You’ll also fins Hyaluronic Acid and plant lipids to ensure long-lasting hydration. Finally inside MuraSol there’s also a patented Skincare Repair System, which protects elasticity to maintain skin firmness.

What’s in it for you?

Healthy young looking skin for longer. When you choose a Murad product with SPF it will also have new MuraSol technology, so by providing your skin with protection against both broad spectrum UV rays and free radicals , this complete system will defend your skin from the signs of environmental ageing, which helps preserve a glowing, youthful complexion.

I don’t know abut you but I’d like to look younger for longer! To be sure you’re getting the maximum protection, look out for MuraSol sign on the packaging of Murad products.

MuraSol logo

Currently you can find MuraSol in the Age-Proof Suncare line, New Essential-C sun Balm SPF 35 PA +++ plus all moisturisers with SPF.  Follow the link to Murad’s web site where you can find all the products.

My Top 3 Murad Moisturisers with Sun Protection:

  1. Anti-Aging Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF20 | PA +++ for blemish prone skin, but if you don’t suffer with blemishes you can try Oil-Control Mattifier SPF15 | PA ++ . This moisturiser is for you if you struggle to find a sunscreen that doesn’t make you break out. I swear by it even when my skin is at its grumpiest.
  2. Sheer Lustre Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF15 | PA +++ this is just an incredible moisturiser to give your skin that stunning glow from within. I only tried it from the little sample but loved it so much I’d definitely invest in a full size product when my current Murad moisturiser runs out.
  3. Essential -C Sun Balm SPF 35 | PA +++  – this new stick form Murad is a genius little invention. Perfect to carry around with you for those just in case moments. Absolute must have for the summer holidays.

Now I only wish I had some summer holidays planned to look forward to. Nevertheless I feel much happier about sticking my legs out in the sun knowing that the sun care I’m going to be using is giving me the maximum possible protection. Don’t forget to use your sunscreens also in the UK and even when it’s cloudy. No… not to protect yourself from sun-burn but to protect your skin from premature ageing. The damaging UV rays can penetrate through clouds and glass so shield yourself.


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