Eclipse the new fragrance from GHOST.

Ghost Eclipse

GHOST is launching the new fragrance ECLIPSE.

When I first saw this sunset orangey golden bottle I was expecting it to smell fruity and sweet. To my surprise I discovered ECLIPSE smells very modern and fresh thanks to citrus in its top notes. But it also has a mischievous side to it, or a dark side if you like. With Amber and Musk in the base notes I think this scent can take you from an energetic day to sensual night.

Do you remember when Dolce & Gabbana launched their Light Blue fragrance?  Oh I used to love that fragrance back then. It used to give me such a boost of energy! The new Eclipse has the same tingling vibe about it. This must be why I developed such a massive sentiment for it nearly instantly. This scent takes me back in time to my student life and fun summer nights.

GHOST ECLIPSE will make a fabulous summer scent. It’s fresh enough to wear it when the air gets so hot, you don’t want to touch your own skin and intense enough to give your senses an empowering kick. Eclipse is also spicy enough to make you feel sexy and scrumptious.

Oh my… I never new I can get so ‘sensual’ when talking about a fragrance.

Mr.D also approved it too. Each time I was wearing it he always commented I smell nice.

To give you more of an idea on what to expect from GHOST ECLIPSE, let me tell you what’s in it.

Ghost EclipseNotes

Top Notes

Sweet Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin, Apple, Marigold, Blackcurrant and Peach. This are the notes that will awaken that carefree part of you.

Heart Notes

Freesia, Lotus flower and Rose create a soft and romantic heart.

Base Notes

Amber and Musk add warmth and depth to the scent.

A fragrance is the most individual beauty buy of all. The most loved scent is always an impulse by. I can only recommend you go and have a spritz because what I like you may not.

You’ll be able to try it and smell it on your own skin from the 7th May in Superdurg and the Perfume Shop. It’ll be available from 1st July at Boots, Debenhams and The Fragrance Shop.

The price is decent too. You’ll pay  £25 for 30ml of EDT, £34 for 50 ml and £46 for 75ml.

What are your current summer scent favourites?

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