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ecoTOOLS brushes


I’d like to introduce you to the new brush innovation that could change the way you dry & style your hair.

One night as I was drying my hair I had an Einstein moment. I thought it would be perfect to have a paddle brush (the flat – square hair brush) that has vents in it, allowing the air through to dry your hair faster. Genius!

Not so bright after all

I wasn’t the first to have this life changing idea!

Have you ever heard of ecoTOOLS? They make makeup brushes from recycled materials.

Well… Two weeks after my initial ‘genius’ idea. ecoTOOLS launched their very own range of hairbrushes. And guess what?

Yes, they have vents in them!

The 5 new tools designed to create beautiful, healthy hair!

The new line of ecoTOOLS brushes offers five different brush types and bristle designs. Each specially crafted to suit every style and every need. You can now detangle, smooth, shine and pump up the volume with these new tools, while drying your hair faster with less heat damage.

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Hair-Saving Technology and Design.

According to ecoTOOLS  their hair brushes are:

  • Designed with an aerodynamic Eco-Vent system, ecoTOOLS hair brushes dry hair 20% faster (tested versus a leading brush) for less heat damage and quicker prep time.
  • Ultra light-weight and designed for maximum comfort.
  • Volumizing & finishing brush are created with cruelty-free synthetic boar’s hair style bristles.
  • Made with repurposed aluminium and renewable bamboo handles. Packaging is made from recycled paper

ecoTOOLS in action

It’s a dream to dry & style my hair using the Smoothing Detangler. I tossed my round brush to the bottom of the drawer and haven’t used it even once since I received my ecoTOOLS brushes.

My personal favourites are the Smoothing Detangler and Styler + Smoother, followed by Sleek + Shine finisher.

My current go-to brush!

My current go-to brush!

I wasn’t WOWed so much by the Full Volume Styler and Quick Volume Styler, however I find it difficult to use round brushes with boar’s hair style bristles, no matter if they’re by ecoTOOLS or another brand.

The magic touch.

You definitely can create some great movement and curl with The Quick Volume Styler. See the image below. I had my hair styled during the press launch by the professional hairdresser, and the result was jaw dropping. This is the hair style I can’t quite recreate myself.


The New ecoTOOLS hair brushes are now Available at Boots and and they should be priced at £10.99.

These are great if you have thick hair or simply would like to get your hair styling out of the way as soon as possible. With my favourite Smoothing Detangler my hair dries faster plus I love how lightweight the brushes are too.

Have you seen or tried them? Would you buy a new hair brush just to dry your hair faster? 

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