Introducing a new CHEEKY brand, and how to get the look.



The new brand on the block.

Today I was feeling a little bit ‘cheeky’ so I thought it’s the perfect state of mind to introduce you to the new beauty brand on the block… CHEEKY.  It’s quirky. It’s cool. It’s young, and it promises to re-write the beauty rules.

Why should you care about CHEEKY?

Well… to start with, CHEEKY is Cowshed’s little sister. Cowshed is a luxurious organic brand, so I’d expect good quality products from her naughty little sister too.

You may save some cash on body, haircare and cosmetic products as CHEEKY is aiming their products towards a younger audience, which should mean reasonable pricing.

I hear you cry. What do you mean younger!?

I totally agree 30 is the new 20, I feel the same way.

I was lucky enough to try some CHEEKY products. I decided to give them a go and spice up my usual groomed self a little. The images were taken when I was using those products for the fist time, and I think the result was quite impressive if I may say so myself.



On my hair I used Pump it: Hair Plumping Powder and Ruffle My feathers : Hair Shine Spray.  I think that those two products go together particularly well as the plumping powder can make your hair look matt so a spritz of a shine spray will do the trick, making your hair look juicy and healthy.

The base of my makeup is Illamasqua foundation and a couple of eye shadows from the Naked 2 palette. I then applied Hypnose mascara by Lancôme. To finish off my look, I’ve used CHEEKY’s Lip and Cheek Tints in Kiss ‘n’ Tell and to set my whole makeup I’ve used CHEEKY’s Freeze Frame Make-Up Setting Spray.

Watch the CHEEKY products in action.


Let’s be honest here, this is a BRIGHT PINK and you just don’t do bright pink after you turn 30, but I did. And I liked it! I love the freshness it added to my face. A very spring like look, don’t you think?

CHEEKY Lip & Cheek stain comes in a cream formula so I applied it with a buffing foundation brush. First I gently dotted only a little bit on the apple of my cheeks, then I blended a little with a brush and finished off by patting it with my fingertips.


This ‘cheeky’ little number is your perfect date product too. It will stay on you lips and won’t come off even when kissing!

How do I know? No seriously you’re not asking me that question, are you?

Let me just say, CHEEKY has Mr.D’s seal of approval :)


Ewa Pietreniuk, Social Beautify

Next, Freeze Frame, makeup setting spray. I do think this is a cool makeup gadget. One of those products that you probably could live without, but you don’t want to. This product is designed to set your makeup and make it last longer, but a spritz of a face mist or Freeze Frame will also make your foundation look more natural, it’ll blend in with your skin even if you’re wearing full coverage foundation.

I honestly can’t tell if it’ll make your makeup last. I have only used it once, but I’ll give it a go this week and I promise to report  back.


To lift my hair at the roots I used Pump it: Hair Plumping Powder. This type of product has become very popular over last couple of years. I’ve tried quite a few and CHEEKY Plumping Powder has worked well for me, however I do think it could have a better applicator. You have to sprinkle the top part of your head or apply the product to your palms and then rub it in, which is not the easiest of ways and I found can easily spread onto the rest of your hair (when your aiming for the roots) making it look matt.

My absolute favourite in this category is Trevor Sorbie Big Hair Powder, which has a small, pointy applicator allowing you to get the product directly to the root of your hair. No mess, only big gorgeous hair.


photo 2

I continued to style my hair. I added a couple of curls on the top layer of my hair, because I figured that it’ll be easier to create some movement and add body to my slick straight hair. To make the hair style stay volumised and to give it a slightly messy look, I used the powder from mid -length to the ends of my hair.


To bring back the healthy glow (the plumping powder left my hair looking slightly matt), I used the Ruffle My Feathers shine spray. I liked it more than I thought I would. It smells amazing and if you spritz it not only on the top but also on the ends of your hair, you’ll be able to smell if for quite some time.


This could be for you if you have highlighted or bleached hair that lacks radiance.

I always used to associate shine spray with products that will make my hair look greasy, but I suppose times have changed and the formulas have improved.  After I’ve used it for the first time, I can see myself using it more often.

Try it before you buy it!

If you’re a Londoner you may want to venture to CHEEKY’s East London’s Beauty Hotspot. You can get a £10 manicure there and you’ll get to take your nail polish home with you (worth £7). There’s 21 shades available.  You can also get a CHEEKY updo or blow dry for just £15.

If you’d like to find out more follow the link here.

So…do you feel like getting ‘cheeky’?

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