John Frieda’s New Luxurious Volume range review.


John Frieda has recently launched the new hair range Luxurious Volume. If you have straight, slick or limp hair; body adding, volumising haircare products will help you to make your hair look fuller. This new range, designed purposely for fine hair is supposed to add a ‘natural fullness for the look & feel of more hair’.

I had the chance to try John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo, Conditioner, and Fine to Full Blow-Out Spray.

I was sent these products to review. Let’s have a look at what I think of them.

Into the bathroom we go!

The Luxurious Volume Shampoo has a fresh and very pleasant scent, and who doesn’t like hair that smells lovely. If you like the feel of foam in your hair, this certainly creates a lot of froth. I’ve used John Frieda shampoos in the past and found this one very similar to others I’ve tried. It cleans very well, removing all the dirt and grime. Your hair becomes less slippery with a slight stiffness which I am told is a good indication that your hair has been properly cleaned.

Luxurious Volume Conditioner was the biggest surprise for me. To be honest, this was the one product I wasn’t expecting to impress me, as I find daily conditioners mostly the same, no matter what they say on the bottle. However, this was different. You’ll find its very lightweight texture is quick and easy to distribute in your hair. It also won’t weigh your hair down. I was able to apply it to the whole length of my hair and after blow-drying, my hair was left shiny and bouncy. It was on the following day after using it, that I noticed the biggest difference. My hair was looking fresher by the root, which means it doesn’t look greasy and maintains more volume. Despite the lightweight texture, this formula is intense enough to nourish your hair so it’s shiny, easy to comb and style.


Now it’s time to style your hair.

There’s nothing better for adding volume to slick, straight hair than a good old fashioned round brush and hairdryer. However, a little product definitely makes it easier and longer lasting.


Fine To Full Blow-Out Spray worked fabulously on my fine hair. Easy to use, with a gentle scent that leaves your hair feeling bouncy and fresh. Unlike some similar products on the market, this doesn’t leave your hair feeling crunchy and sticky after application. I found that once it had dried, I wasn’t aware of it in my hair.




The Verdict!

Overall I think that the Luxurious Volume range by John Frieda is great value for money and good at what it does, making it a great range for daily use. Are you now thinking of adding some bounce to your hair? If so, you can find John Frieda here or pick it up from your drugstore, I saw it in my local Boots Store last week.


Before you start volumising your hair, have a look at this article from Elle, where you’ll find some great styling tips. It’s a great read to find out how to add volume to your hair and make the most your hair styling products.

I will try to make a detailed tutorial of how I do it soon. Are their any special requests that you would like me to cover?


  • Reply May 21, 2015


    Hi! I have been reading your blog recently and it’s incredible! I just find everything I was looking for. I will definitely try these John Frieda products. My hair is almost similar to yours :)

    • Reply May 26, 2015


      Hi Tanya,

      Thank you so much! I hope you’ll enjoy this range. I also love on my hair PHYTO Paris. I’ve been using their densifying shampoo for quite some time and it worked wonders on my hair and scalp. The only downside it’s a bit more pricey. £13 a bottle and not as easily available as John Frieda.
      I hope to speak to you over on the blog again, and please let me know if there’s anything I could help or write about to keep you happy.
      Much love,
      Ewa x

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