Trevor Sorbie styling tips for straight hair.


So you have lovely slick, straight hair but you’d like to jazz it up now and then? But it just never holds any style? You’re not alone.

Putting half hair up and adding some lovely loose curls sounds exceptionally tempting, but it can be terribly frustrating! Does it sounds familiar? Well…I suggest you try some of these tips. They made my life easier and I’m sure they will help you too.

A couple of months ago I attended the Trevor Sorbie masterclass to learn how to create salon like up-dos at home. These are totally cool and easy-peasy tips and tricks, which you can now use to style your hair like a pro.

You’ll be rocking on the dance floor with a sexy hair before you know it!


  • Don’t wash your hair! However tempting it may be, it’s best if you wash your hair one day before you plan to style an up-do or even just curl your hair. This is exceptionally important if you have slick, straight hair. After a wash, your hair is more slippery so it’s harder to secure the hairstyle.
  • Get all the right props such as heat defence spray, Big Hair Powder, Curl Creator by Trevor Sorbie and of course a hair spray. Don’t be afraid to layer those products.
  • Always start with some heat-protecting product whether you’re using a hair dryer, straighteners or curling wand.

Just do it

  • Try adding body and texture:  Use Big Hair Powder from Trevor Sorbie’s Volume range. I’ve tried a few similar products but Trevor Sorbie has a very good applicator so it’s extremely easy to get the product to the root of your hair, just where you want it, rather than all over it. This baby instantly adds volume and lifts hair from the root, it’s also amazing if you need to backcomb your hair.
  • Backcomb your hair for any up-do to create body, this will help your hair to stay in place and hold the style for longer.  If you’re anything like me and even curling with ghd’s doesn’t last for long than back combing will do the trick for most up-dos.
  • To curl your hair use Curl Creator from Trevor Sorbie. I was very skeptical about the power of this product initially. I’ve tested many styling products alike and not many delivered. However, I was very pleasantly surprised with the Curl Creator. So much, I featured it in my February Favourites. Use Curl Creator to spray each section of your hair and next curl using a curling wand, hair straighteners or perhaps heat rollers.

Before you get excited with an iron in one hand and some hairspray in the other, I’ve listed some tips, which I found on the Trevor Sorbie products. These are fantastic and extremely useful too.

Salon Stylist Top Tips: 

  • “ Before you curl your hair, think about how you want to frame your face. A curl away from your face tends to be more flattering than towards.”
  • “To control any unruly strands or flyways, simply spray some hairspray on to your palms and smooth them through your hair.”
  • “As well as up-dos you can use Big Hair Powder ”to add texture and body to mid-lengths and ends. Simply shake it on to your palms and work it through your hair.


I was recently up-doing my hair for a couple of events in attempt to recreate the stunning half-hair up-do – courtesy of Goldwell, which you can see on the image below. It was beautiful and lasted all night, you can expect me to report back on my achievements. (Forget about the bow, I wont even try to do it).


What are your top tips to secure up-dos or to curl your hair? Anything you can recommend I should try? 


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