And the winner of the 7 day detox with Murad is…


Big congratulations to Barbara who has won Murad Perfecting Night Cream in the “7 day detox with Murad” competition. I’d also like to thank Murad Cosmetics for providing the prize.

Barbara, thank you for taking on this challenge and submitting your short story. I hope you enjoyed ice skating and both you and your daughter are still taking your vitamins daily.

Ladies and Gentlemen here is the winning entry by Barbara:

“Here is my 7 day detox story ;) I think I took a simplistic approach but it worked for me. 

Day 1 Eat your water!

Easy one – just had a delicious fruit salad using up all the fruit from the fridge that really needed eating up, especially loved the blueberries

Day 2: Take supplements!

I thought about getting some supplements for ages so finally I put it on my shopping list. I got some for my young daughter too. We’re going to take them together after breakfast so it should be easy to remember!   

Day 3: Move More!

What?! Exercise for pleasure?  I’ll have to think hard on this one! But today I made use of my fitness club membership and went for a swim. This time I spent more time swimming then sitting in the sauna. It was quite pleasant. 

Day 4: Daydream!

You do not have to encourage me to do that!!  I just re-design (in my head) my front room.  I thought it wasn’t possible to combine dining and office but I think I’ve FINALLY got a good idea.

Day 5: Savour Sleep!

Done as always! I can’t sleep if i do not clean my teeth, put some moisturiser on and some hand cream….?  I also have to have a glass of water on my bedside table, however really I don’t drink at night, I just like to have it, just in case! 

Day 6: Be a Big Kid!

I’m going ice skating tomorrow!  This time on my own, without my little daughter to look after…..  and I cannot wait!

Day 7: Rest!   

O dear! I had a gang of four year olds for a play date.. in my house.  I’ve done a lot of deep breathing and practiced taking perspective on whatever happens around. Everyone had a good time and I enjoyed it too!”

With just a small dose of a ‘can do attitude’ we’re able to make little changes to our lifestyle, which may bring big improvements to our wellbeing and subsequently our looks too. I hope this short story inspired you to switch a glass of water for a portion of fruit and to find a perfect partner for your skin – your new moisturiser. If you’re still looking then visit Murad website where you’ll be able to find a variety of skincare products.

If you need some help I have reviewed Pore and Line Minimising Hydrator here and Anti- Aging Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 for blemish prone skin here.  If you have normal to dry or mature skin you’ll probably love the Perfecting Night or Day cream, this is Nicole Scherzinger’s favourite range, and as I mentioned in my Monthly Favourite video, if it’s good for her it’s good for me too.


What are your little daily habits that keep you beautiful  both inside and out?


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