Top 3 Catwalk inspired Valentine’s Day Beauty Looks

Spring-Summer 2014 makeup trends are beautiful and wearable. You can easily implement them into your daily life. I’m going to show you 3 looks inspired by current makeup trends, which will not only make a perfect date look, but also be useful for everyday situations.

Your makeup for spring 2014 should be fresh, natural and soft. Your base is going to play a big part and you may need to perfect the eyeliner flick too. Your date makeup should enhance your best features. Let me show you how to get a glowing, slightly blushed skin without hiding under layers of foundation.


You’re blushing!

This look is quite straight forward, with a sheer foundation base and one shadow on your eyes. It’s all about the blush and eyeliner. Your main feature with this look is a blushed cheeks, that’s where your pop of colour is, so stay easy on the lipstick and eye shadow.


I used Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base with Terry Sheer Expert foundation on top. On my eye lids I’ve used the single shadow from Illamasqua to even out and brighten up my eyes. I then followed with an eye liner. I love pen-like liners; they’re just so easy to use, so you can get a perfect flick each time. Next I applied my blush and for this I’ve used new Hourglass Ambient Light blush in Luminous Flush. Choose a blush witch is highly pigmented or of a brighter shade, this way it’ll show on your cheeks easily. Less of a product means a more natural finish. On my lips I have Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant Perfect Sheer Lipstic in Pink Orchid (21) as it has sheer texture giving my lips a near bare look.


Get lippy.

Not a fan of blushed cheeks? Well… that’s not a problem. If you already have more than enough colour on your cheeks try shifting your attention to your lips.

For the second look you’ll prepare your skin in exactly the same way as the look above. On your eyes, just like the look above, use only one eye shadow in the shade that will look natural with your skin tone. The pop of colour moves from your cheeks onto the lips,  so change your blush to the one for a lighter more softer shade such as powdery pink or light peachy colour. The attention should be now on your lips, so don’t be afraid of using a bright lip colour, but try patting it with your fingers rather than applying it straight from the bullet for a more subtle finish if you’re finding it a bit much at first.

Makeup 2

I used Clarins Cream Blush in 02 (Candy) on the cheeks and Lancôme Rouge Absolu 132 on my lips.


Romantic eyes.

If you want your date to look deep into your eyes and be totally mesmerised, then use a couple of shades to make those eyes pop. Prep your complexion with a foundation of your choice, just try to embrace this seasons trend and choose lightweight textures rather than a full coverage foundation. Use eye shadow primer to keep the shadows on all day without creasing, and then apply your base eye shadow colour (the lighter shade) all over your eye lid. Keep it below the socket line. Then blend your darker shade into the outer corner in a V shape. Dot a tiny little bit of a highlighting shadow into the inner corner of you eye to make your eyes pop. Finish it off with some eyeliner and mascara.



Makeup 3

On my eyes I’ve used new Chanel limited edition eye shadow Illusion D’Ombre in Impulsion and Clarins new spring  Opalescence Eye Quartet Mineral Palette.  Liner and mascara by Lancôme.

Do you feel inspired? Which look do you like the most?

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