How to prepare for a date – The Ultimate Guide

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It doesn’t matter if it’s your first date or a dinner date with a partner you’ve been with for years, you still want to look charming, stunning and make their eyes sparkle when they look at you.

I believe that beauty isn’t just about the makeup or about the moisturiser you use, it’s about creating an entire look that goes with your personality and sends out the message you want others to ‘hear’. On a date you want to be seen as friendly, approachable, caring but with sex appeal and so it’s your hair, clothes and makeup that will send this message across rather than what you say.

So here are some points, which I think are worth bearing in mind when getting date ready.

An Outfit 

  • Choose clothes you feel comfortable in, so you can be yourself and enjoy the evening. You don’t want to sit there thinking how restricting your dress is!
  • Select your base colour, this is the colour your main item of clothing is going to be such as a dress. Softer shades and lighter colours like pastel pink, purple would be great. Grey, ivory and cream will work as neutral colours too. There’s a great book by Bobbi Thomas on “Power of style” and from it, you can learn more about what shapes and shades suit you personally. I found it on amazon here.


 Your Hair

  • Chose soft and relaxed styles, they will add softer lines around your face. This will create a more romantic look rather than empowering.
  • Adding some curls and brushing through might be a good idea for straight hair.
  • Don’t overload your hair with products; you want it to keep its natural bounce.

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Make Up

  • Focus on the best features of your face and enhance them.
  • Less is more, so try not to wear too thick makeup. Try to keep it as natural as possible by hiding only imperfections, choosing lighter texture and sheer coverage products. You want to come across as someone reliable and the studies show that we perceive people who wear very thick makeup as less trustworthy. (A fact worth remembering also for job interviews).
  • Lips are a very important feature on our face as much as our eyes. Try lengthening mascara to create a wide eye look. Apply a lip-gloss or sheer lipstick onto your lips, it gives a more fresh and softer finish and makes your face look young.

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Here you have it, some basic points to keep in mind when getting ready for a date. Feel free to add some of your own in the comments below.

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