Clarins Spring Opalescence Makeup Collection!


The arrival of a new makeup collection is probably a better sign of spring than spotting a sparrow.

This gorgeous Clarins Spring Opalescence Collection arrived on my doorstep last weekend. Spring is on its way beauties, so better get ready to welcome her.

From shadows to lipstick this makeup edition is colourful and fresh. Lightweight textures will give your skin a natural glow, perfecting the way your skin looks. The luxurious consistency will make application a dream too.


An eye opener

The mineral eyeshadows are easy to apply with their high-pigmented formulas allowing you to build an intense colour. I love the combination of colours, they are easy to wear; no matter if you like to play it safe or to be adventurous. You can use them wet or dry, but if you decide to use them wet for a more intense colour, best apply your shadows with a damp applicator rather than an eyeshadow brush. You’ll find blending easier.


There is a single eyeshadow within the collection in Smokey Plum, which looks fantastic if you use it to add definition along the lash line, or in the socket line of your eye for a more smokey and contoured look. Then there’s the Eye Quartet, which with a combination of grey, silver, pink and purple makes a stunning versatile set. This set will allow you to create both a day time and a night time look easily.

 The surprise factor

The Multi-Blush cream blushers in the Clarence Opalescence Collection have probably surprised me the most. You can apply them with a makeup brush or fingers. Whichever way you choose, these blushers are easy to blend and won’t sit in your pores, giving you a natural finish as if you just blushed. This blush is infused with some power plant ingredients to protect skin from dehydration, such as: floral waxes from rose, mimosa, jojoba and sunflower. Together with the Radiance Boosting Complexion Base they’re perfect partners to create that “oh darling you’re so petty without makeup” look. The base will even out your complexion, and with its sheer coverage you will still see your skin shining through. It can be applied on top of your regular moisturiser or mixed with your foundation. I’d wear it on it’s own with just a bit of powder on top as to me it feels and looks like a sheer foundation.


 The happy ending

If there is spring there has to be a pop of colour too! Joli Rouge lipsticks and Gloss Prodige lip- glosses are bursting with some vibrant colours for spring. The silky smooth texture is a dream to apply. Lipsticks are very nourishing and will make your lips fuller looking and incredibly shiny. I found the gloss unbelievably hydrating, no surprise as it’s been infused with raspberry oil to nourish and to prevent lips from cracking. I’ve become quite attracted to my new Clarins lipsticks and gloss since the first slick. I keep them on my desk and keep reapplying a few times a day, just because I love the smell and the feel on my lips. As if my computer screen will appreciate my colourful pout.


 The explorer spirit

Now, watch the video where together we’ll explore this superb collection. If you’re reading this in an email than you should click here for the video.

This gorgeous collection is available from February 2014 so go to a Clarins counter and try it for yourself, you should be able to find it on the counters this weekend. Awake the spring and don’t let the rain and cold scare you.

Which product would you like to try from the New Clarins Opalescence collection?


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