7-Day Diary – My Detox with Dr. Murad


Detox with Murad is nothing like a traditional detox. Dr.Murad is a world-renowned dermatologist and founder of Murad skincare. I see Murad’s diet tips as a way to becoming a better person to myself. To me, it’s a way of making small changes to our lifestyles that will have a huge impact on our general wellbeing, this is why I decided to give it a go and invited you to join me for a chance to win a Murad Perfecting Night Cream.

The Diary:

Day 1 – Eat your water!


Ah, this one was very easy and enjoyable. I love fruits so it was a pure pleasure to go fruit shopping. I replaced one of my teas (and I tend to have a few a day) with a portion of fruit. Recently I discovered a papaya and became obsessed with it. You should try it. Sprinkle it with a little bit of lime and enjoy.

Day 2- Take Supplements


This was a funny one! I always take supplements and hardly ever forget. However since the house move a few months ago I haven’t found my morning routine yet. I discovered that I forget about my vitamins more often than I take them. Something to bare in mind for the weeks ahead.

Day 3 – Move More

Initially I thought that this day was a massive fail, only because I put myself under pressure to go swimming or maybe for a run, and totally forgot we have friends coming for dinner. So since my after work activity went out of the window, I decided to take a walk during my lunch break, something that I wouldn’t have done without taking on this Murad challenge. I also booked myself to scout a gym near our new home, so I suppose I’m allowed to tick day 3 off

Day 4 – Daydream!


This is something I’m quite good at. I used to be afraid to dream big, but last year I’ve been practicing daydreaming quite a lot. One of the most difficult things to do while daydreaming is to switch off the negative voice inside you, whispering that things can’t be accomplished. Just because you can’t see the whole way to get there, doesn’t mean you won’t reach the destination. I suppose it’s a bit like driving. You only can see a few metres ahead and you have to believe that this road will eventually take you to the destination. Having big dreams makes me excited and full of energy. So with a pen and paper in my hand and a cup of tea in the other, I started daydreaming and writing down all the exciting things I’d like to achieve this year. How did you do with your day 4 task?

Day 5 – Savour Sleep


I can proudly say I have never ever gone to bed without my moisturiser. So of course this was an easy-peasy task to accomplish. I enjoy my little evening ‘me time’. Currently I’m using Murad Pore and Line Minimizing Hydrator at night and Anti-Ageing Moisturizer with a Broad Spectrum SPF20 for blemish-prone skin during the day. Not to mention that my new bed is like heaven, with the most comfortable mattress.

Day 6 – Be a Big Kid!

Well… I don’t think I’ve done something totally ridiculous or childish, but I allowed myself to stay in bed a little bit longer and then spend the whole day doing things that make me happy. Instead of cleaning and getting on with all the house maintenance duties I was playing with makeup, taking pictures and writing blogs. Do you think this counts?

Day 7 Relax


Relaxing is something that I’d love to master to perfection but the truth is I’m absolutely rubbish at relaxing.  Always on the go, with a million and one things to do, I feel on edge when I’m just sitting doing nothing. So I figured out that what’s relaxing for one person doesn’t have to be relaxing for me. I feel more relaxed and at ease when I know that my little projects are moving forward and I’m getting closer to achieving my big dreams. And when I need to recharge I have a bath that will set me up for a good night sleep, read a book or arrange a SPA day. Tonight I’ll be having a pampering night, getting my nails done and have a face mask too.  How do you plan to relax?

And what’s next?

Well… this simple exercise made me realise that even a small change can make a big difference and that we don’t always have to turn our lives upside down to become healthier versions of ourselves. I’ll continue my 7-Day Challenge next week too; hopefully this time I won’t forget my Vitamins. You can still join in as there’s plenty of time to enter Social Beautify Detox; have your diary entry published on the blog and win Murad’s moisturiser too. You can find all the information on what to do to enter here.

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