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Shavata is known for creating natural looking eyebrows, which will perfectly frame your face without making your eyebrows look like they’ve been glued on. Shavata believes that well groomed eyebrows should enhance your eyes and face features but shouldn’t be drawing too much attention to themselves. It’s like with a piece of art, a grand painting deserves a grand frame but the frame shouldn’t cast a shadow over the painting. Occasionally I do like to go HD on my brows but for day to day situations, I have to agree with Shavata, less is more.

 21 brow bars and new stand-alone boutique 

If you shop at House of Fraser, Debenhams or Harvey Nichols you may be already be familiar with Shavata’s brow bars. I’ve recently visited Shavata’s first stand-alone store in Knightsbride, at 60 Beauchamp Place, London.

 The experience 

When I arrived there I thought my brows were absolutely fine and quite well groomed, but after a quick touch up by Shavata herself I very quickly realised how terribly mistaken I was. At her brow bars and in the boutique Shavata’s using both threading and wax depending on your needs and preferences. With my fine hair she used wax underneath my brow arch and threading on the top. The result was fantastic!  My brows looked sharp making my eyes stand out instantly without looking overdrawn or over-plucked.


In-between the visits 

I was very kindly given some tools to keep my brows in good shape in between the visits. I never knew that I should keep watch, plucking those random unwanted hairs daily. My absolute favourite is Shavata’s brow pencil, which is double sided. It comes with two shades allowing you to customise the colour to perfectly match your hair. This pencil has an absolutely perfect texture, soft enough to allow an easy application but not to soft so it lasts all day without smudging. I find it extremely easy to draw small strokes and as a result my brows look groomed but not like they’ve been penciled in.

Shavata tools



What’s on the menu

The newly opened studio will offer all brow services, including threading, tints, lash lift, semi-permanent lash extensions and the ultimate in long-lasting brow perfection, semi-permanent make-up delivered by the ultimate guru herself. You can also stock up on all the professional tools to look after your eyebrows in-between visits.

Prices start from £17.00 for brow shaping with a therapist, £25.00 with a senior therapist and £35.00 with Shavata. You’ll pay £46.00 for extensions and £600 for semi-permanent make up.

Stand-Alone Shavata studio is situated at 60 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NZ and it’s open from Monday-Saturday. You can book your appointment by calling T: +44 (0) 20 7112 8990.

Do you have your brows professionally shaped from time to time or do you tend to do it yourself? What’s your most favourite eyebrow product? 

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