Baukjen spring 2014 collection preview

The glorious spring 2014 is on its way, even if you’re still wrapped up in your scarf with a brand new pair of slippers on your feet. In fashion spring arrives early. I have just received a small preview of Baukjen spring 2014 collection, which got me very excited in seconds.


This winter I’ve stayed away from clothes shopping as a new job and a new house took over my life, so I’m more than ever ego to start spring shopping.

Collection Preview:

A few items in the Baukjen Spring 2014 collection have caught my attention! Denim trousers look fantastic. I can already see myself wearing them with a pair of stilettos and a shirt or a casual top with a chunky neckless. I quite like the look of blazers and tops too.


Wearable fashion:

In my opinion Baukjen spring collection is all about soft pastel shades and mixing textures. I love how Baukjen creates outfits that bring simplicity to life. Looking at the images of the collection I can instantly see myself wearing these outfits all day long, no matter what my schedule and I know I’ll feel comfortable in it, look stylish and be ready for what the day has to offer.


When it finally arrives:

Some of the items will be launching later on this week and the entire new spring collection will be available from February 2014 at I’ve only purchased one dress from Baukjen so far. This dress has received many complements, so after seeing a preview of the new spring collection I quite frankly can’t wait for the pay day to come.

Can you see yourself wearing Baukjen? Where do you like to buy your fashion online?

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