How to fight dry skin on your hands once and for all



If you suffer with dry skin on your hands you’ll know how horrible it feels. Dry and uncomfortable skin on your hands that may even look unsightly can sometimes can be a real nightmare to get rid of. Mine can get so dry that I’ll wake up in the middle of the night i just to put some hand cream on. Now that may sound extreme but if you have severely dry skin on your hands, maybe from using a lot of hand sanitiser or washing your hands multiple times a day, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Most drug stores’ own brand hand cream does absolutely nothing for me and if you’re anything like me you’ll know what I mean. You’ll spend £3 or £4 and next week you walking back to Boots to try another one. Your bed side cabinet is full of tubes with hand creams but none seem to work. Sound familiar?

I’ve spent some serious money trying and testing various hand lotions and potions hoping to find the miracle product that will solve the problem once and for all. Well…I found a few which are genuinely good, but some were in my opinion too pricey to keep buying them regularly. For example the L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

However there are two products that I keep purchasing over and over again. They work wonders  and they won’t break the bank. These are The Body Shop HEMP hand butter and hand wash.

I alway have this hand butter in my bedside cabinet. I’ve been using this range for years now. Don’t get me wrong I still try other hand products like my recent hand cream from BalanceMe, but Hemp from The Body Shop is my hand staple that I simply must have at home and on the go!

A few months back I got tempted and also purchased the hand wash from the same range and I’m hooked now. I hate it when my hands feel like I’m wearing gloves a size to small after washing them!! The HEMP hand wash won’t dry your hands but moisturise them instead. It’s thick in its texture so I find it lasts much longer than traditional formulations. Because my hands aren’t as dry after washing them I don’t feel the need to use my hemp hand cram more than once a day. So it seems like having two products is saving me even more money in the long run. Occasionally The Body Shop runs offers when you can buy one and get the second half price, then buying both works out at around £13. Bargain!

Using these two products has made such a big difference, that I would genuinely recommend this duo if dry skin on your hands is causing you discomfort.

And don’t forget to wear glows in the winer to prevent your hands from drying.

What’s your secret to fighting dry skin on your hands?


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