How to decide what clothes should you buy and why?


If you’d really like to have amazing outfits then do some preparation before you hit the shops and you’ll find shopping more enjoyable. You’ll come home with spectacular clothes, giving you a chance to create amazing outfits you’ll love. Here is how it’s done.

The key to having a style which works for you, is to shop smart. But before we had sopping I’d like you to keep an outfit diary. I know it may sound extreme, but trust me it’s a secret to a stunning wardrobe. I took this idea from the stylist Bobbie Thomas, as a result  I’ve easily doubled the noumber of outfits in my closet.

The best way to track your outfits is in a simple chart. You can use the idea below. Update it daily with outfits you wore, and do it for a month, but at the very least keep a diary for at least two weeks. It’ll give you a realistic overview of clothes you wore and reasons why you’ve chosen them over something else. You’ll make a more focused shopping list full of clothes you need are and going to wear, rather than those you desire, just because they are pretty and on trend.

The WHY category is to make a note of why you chose to wear a particular piece of clothing and not something else. In the BUY category you simply note things you need to have to either complete the outfit or what you’re short of.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 23.22.04

The BUY column will naturally create a shopping list with all the pieces of clothing and accessories you need to get. You should now have pretty good and extended shopping list.

Thanks to your chart it’ll be easy to decide what should be your priority when you go shopping. I usually focus on 3-4 items from the list, mainly for economic reasons. I tend to look into my BUY category and see how many times I’ve listed certain items to get the idea  of what I should shop for first. Do you think it’s that’s the sensible way to do it?

Stick to the budget that you know you’ve allocated to spend, especially if you tend to overspend. If you find a particular item that your really need and that will be a significant purchase, allow yourself a small contingency!

I’d love to hear how you’re finding keeping an outfit diary. Why haven’t you ever gone to such extrems to prepare a perfect wardrobe, full of outfits you love and that are complete?



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