The OnePiece that will keep you warm this winter.


Winter isn’t that bad really! You might never have enough tissues in your pocket and hate the burning sensation of cold wind on your cheeks. But you have to admit that the nicest nights in are those when you can snuggle at home on the sofa,when you can pull-out warm, fluffy socks and not wary about how you look.

Imagine you’re sitting with a cup of delicious hot chocolate, watching your favourite movie, you have some flickering candles in the background and you’re all wrapped-up in soft, warm clothes.


I’ve recently discovered something phenomenal and now I’m rocking the winter trend with a OnePiece. If you haven’t heard of them yet, come out from wherever you’ve been hiding and have a look at this baby!

Initially I thought that ‘onesies’ weren’t for me, that I’m to grown up, or that these are fashion items for the under 25’s and cool snow-borders but this soon changed when I jumped into my first ever onesie! When I snuggled in it I knew it was all I needed in my life to be super warm and comfortable at home. And I tell you what – It’ll go skiing with me too!




To help you follow the onesie trend I have teamed up with this awesome brand to give a 20% off discount for any purchase from the website. You can use this discount on any item from OnePiece. The code is valid until the 1st December. To claim your 20% off simply type 31SOCIALBEAUTIFY at the checkout. Don’t forget to send over on Twitter @SocialBeautify or Instagram all this snuggled in pics.

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