Murad Pore and Line Minimizing Hydrator Review.

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If you could get the perfect hydration in a super light formula, fight your lines and keep your pores in good shape, what would you say?  I’d say – hell yes! Pore and Line Minimazing Hydrator is the newest addition to Murad’s skincare range. Dr Murad in his recent research found that women are mostly concerned with the appearance of pores and lines, so he cleverly created one product that tackles both of those concerns. Its formula is Based on RepleniCell technology to deliver maximum hydration.

I’ve been using Pore and Line MInimizing Hydrateor for over a month now and this is what I think of it.


I loved this ultra light texture from the first application. It’s so light it feels almost like a serum but leaves your skin feeling extremely well hydrated.


I was rather impressed seeing my skin still perfectly hydrated and looking plumped after a long day, especially when the formula of this moisturiser is so light. I haven’t been using anti-aging serum to iron out my expression lines, while I was using Murad’s moisturiser, to see how well it’ll perform. I still can see my expression lines on my forehead. These are slightly deeper lines and therefore harder to reduce, so I’m not surprised. However those very little, dinky lines have been well ironed out. My skin looks much smoother in comparison to how it looked a month ago. I have been also using Murad’s Refreshing Cleanser, which most certainly contributed to the overall result as it helps to renew skin by performing very gentle exfoliation.

I can’t really tell how well it refines pores because I’ve been using T-Zone Pore Refining Gel from Murad before I started using this moisturiser. I also don’t think I can make my pores any smaller that they already are. At the end of the day we have pores because we need them.


Simple tube for quick, easy and hygienic application.

You’ll love this moisturiser if you have normal to oily skin. I also think it might be great for you if your skin is dehydrated. RepleniCell technology in the moisturiser will deliver more hydration to your skin than a regular moisturiser.To read more on RepleniCell click here. You can buy Pore and Line Minimizing Hydrator from 

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    Patricia Montenegro

    This sounds super interesting… I’ve heard great things about Murad, but I’ve only tried one of his cleansers. I have to say, my favorite addition of your new layout is the product breakdown. Clever, clean and sharp! Love it.

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