3 facts you should know about your cosmetics use by date.


How often are you going through your makeup checking if it’s still suitable for use? How long have you had your mascara for? Is your daily moisturiser is still safe to use?

If you haven’t been checking dates on your beauty products maybe now is the time to do this.


The way companies let us know how long we should use and keep our products for, changed a few years back, due to some changes in the EU’s regulations. However there’s still a lot of confusion despite the aim to make it easier for the consumer to know how long they can keep their products for.


  1. Find out how long your product is safe to use after opening by a little symbol of a jar with a number on the packaging. The number indicates how many months you can keep it for after you have opened it.  The use by date is an old format that doesn’t exist anymore.
  2. Try to stick to the expiry dates when it comes to any liquids like creams, lotions or mascara. Don’t mess about with anything that goes near your eyes. Especially if it’s in a liquid form where bacteria can live/grow easily. If you have had your cream for 12 months and you have a little left, just use it up. After all, it’s not going to go off overnight.
  3. Make sure you store your cosmetics, and especially skincare products in the correct conditions, like you would with food.  This means you should keep it out of the sun and heat so don’t place your moisturiser on the top of the radiator or in front of a window. Remember that heat will speed up the “going off” process and cold temperatures will slow it down. If you want to keep your moisturiser but you are not planning to use it everyday, keep it in the fridge


Now you know what to look out for, do your beauty revision. Don’t lest some ‘nasties’ grow on your blushers and eye shadows. Wash your makeup brushes often to keep your powder products in a better condition for longer. Feel free to post a pic of all the makeup products you decided to bin after tiding up your makeup bag. You can share your photos on Facebook, tag me on twitter with @SocialBeautify or Instagram.


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    Each makeup product has its manufacturing date and best before date. So we should avoid outdated cosmetics. Expired products really harm our skin. Specially those makeups which we use for our face. Really great tips thanks for share.

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