The Hydrating Vail from Illamasqua – review.

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Not sure what it is? A hydrating primer? Moisturiser? Or a pot of black magic? Well… in some ways all of those things!

Hydra Vail from Illamasqua will help you to create a smooth, flawless complexion. It’s a perfect product for all skin types. Oily skin with a big dose of hydration won’t produce as much oil, so naturally your lovely makeup will last longer. Dry skin won’t be so flakey giving you more flawless finish with your makeup. I genuinely think this base is perfect even for the most sensitive of skins, as its main ingredient is water. I haven’t noticed any fragrance either, which is usually to blame for causing skin sensitivity.

Magical texture

Magical is probably the most appropriate word to use, as Hydra Vail has such a high water content that it smoothes itself out after every use. Each time you open your pot it looks brand new! Magic!! It comes in a very lightweight gel-like texture.


You’ll scoop a small spoon of gel out and smooth it over your face. It melts and blends easily. I find that one fairly small spoon is absolutely enough for one application.

The result:

Your skin will feel perfectly hydrated, with no residue of the product. None of this tacky, sticky business. Your base will look smoother and plumped. I’m sure my makeup doesn’t show the signs of fatigue as quickly, when I use Hydra Vail prior to applying my foundation.

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Hydra Vail comes in a pot. There’s a tiny spoon attached to the lid for scooping Hydra Vail out. The packaging is pretty and convenient, but best to be kept on your dressing table. If you’re traveling a lot this might not be the best base to put into your suitcase. I wouldn’t like to find it spilling all over my makeup bag, which is possible as it has such a high water content. I haven’t tried purposely tipping if over of course, but I would worry it may leak out of the pot.


Water of course is on the top of the ingredient list. I’d like to also point out that Hydra Vail is silica free, and that’s a big win for me! Silica’s not the devil but, I simply don’t like the feel of primers with silica on my skin, plus I’m convinced they bring me out with spots. I might be imagining something, but I’m pretty sure I observed a correlation between makeup primers with silica and pimples on my skin! Anybody else notice that?

What’s your top skin primer and why? Share in the comments, I’d like to know what I should try next.

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  • Reply November 11, 2013

    Patricia Montenegro

    I am tempted to try this out in the future! I’m intrigued by its texture to be honest.
    I’ve used the Smashbox Photo Finish Light Primer, which is also water-based, for years. I really like it. X

    • Reply November 11, 2013


      I was considering Smashbox too. Then I’ve tried a sample of Illamasqua and next thing I was buying it. You should give it a go next time you need a primer, it’s fun, different and gives lovely smooth skin. Next time perhaps I’ll try Smashbox.

      Eva xx

  • Reply November 21, 2013


    I have recently started using the Clinique Superprimer Face Primer Colour Corrects for Redness, and I find it incredible, almost like a gel powder. I use almost no powder after applying it, whereas before powder was a must. I have also tried the Clinique Superprimer for Dullness, and honestly I don’t see much difference between it and the Redness one. They both just give that “finished” look, with a lot less makeup.

    The texture of the Illamasqua one looks really fun.

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