Superwoman School of Relaxation!


Even superwomen need a day off.

Repeat this as mantra if you’re a superwoman who never stops. If you feel guilty every time you sit down for 5 minutes. You need some ‘me time’ for your health so repeat “Even a superwoman needs a day off”! A few times please! Until you start feeling good about it.

Schedule some relaxing time in!

It’s quite tempting to say that you’ll have a bath and relax after you’ve done all the important bits. Make relaxing one of those important things you do. Place it really high on your priority list, this way you won’t miss it! Perhaps schedule it into your weekly routine. Let your partner, husband, kids and whoever needs to know, know when it’s your me time and put up a Do Not Disturb Superwoman Recharging sign on the door.

Get your props ready.

Buy something nice that will encourage you to have your me time! It could be a posh fragrant candle like the ones from Jo Malone and a book. Try some nice Home SPA products like Elemis or Aromatherapy Associates. Anything that will excite you about having some time for yourself.

Spoil yourself.

It’s been scientifically proven that touch is healing and supports relaxation. So as much as you can, book yourself for a facial, massage or a day in the SPA. If you can afford only a manicure, do that. A hair wash and mask can be a good idea too.


Stock up on herbal teas!

Although it’s coffee that fuels any Superwoman there’s nothing better for your mind, body and soul to relax than a cup of herbal tea. It’s good to have a selection. Have it in the evening instead of your usual drink.

Watch a feel good movie.

You know best what puts you in a good mood. Try to chose films, which make you laugh a lot. Laughter is the best cosmetic so grin and wear it! I’m quite sure that a few minutes of intense laughter is nearly as good as a workout.

Have a happy hour!

Just enjoy seeing your friends and family and perhaps even a glass or two of vino! Socialising is crucial for our well being and happiness!

Are you a superwoman? Sure you are! What are your ways of relaxing? How do you make sure your superwoman self gets a day off? Make sure you share your tips in the commends below!  

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