How to revamp your wardrobe, look stunning in every situation and have money in the bank?


In this post I’ll give you some tips on how to revamp your wardrobe, get rid of half of what’s there and end up with stunning outfits.


Getting your wardrobe and style back on track is actually a bit of a physical and psychological process. It might seem vain to worry about style, but don’t be fooled. You have only one chance to make a good first impression with someone. Whether you like it or not, we get judged by the way we look, so work on your style and it’ll work for you too.


Before you hit the shops and let the plastic melt in the process of creating your ultimate wardrobe, go to your closet and start there. Think what you want in life and how you would like to be perceived, than dress accordingly. Dress in line with your lifestyle too.


I would love to wear ball gowns every day and ideally have only those in my wardrobe but the truth is I need a few pairs of jeans and some blouses. When it comes to dresses, well a day dress is what I need most. What I’m just trying to say is that you should be realistic and look into your lifestyle to really decide what it is that you need in your wardrobe to create integrated style.


Making Space For the New!


‘Certificating’ a wardrobe is an absolute first point before heading for the shops. You should know what is in your wardrobe first. Here is how to do a wardrobe revision in style. Follow it to create more space for new clothes and get a real feel for things you need.


  • Take everything out and put it in one pile.
  • One by one segregate your clothes into 3 groups KEEP, MAYBE, NO


KEEP – This should be the most easiest to do. Keep things that you feel good in, those you actually wear. Things that you would like to be seen wearing. No point keeping your trousers from 5 years ago if you never wear them. Be realistic. You do this to put a breath of fresh air into your wardrobe don’t get attached. Vintage is cool but it doesn’t mean you should keep any old washed out tops, they just look shabby!


NO – This is the other easy pile. You should put things that you’re more than certain don’t need in your wardrobe. These might be clothes you haven’t worn for at least 2 seasons. If you felt no need to wear them you probably won’t in the future.


MAYBE – Put into this group all the clothes you’re not sure of. Things you like but don’t really wear. Things you love but have nothing matching to pair it with. All the clothes, that are not applicable to make a definite keep and don’t deserve to end in a NO pile either.

  • Sort out your piles. Now it’s time to put all the clothes from your KEEP category back into your wardrobe and those from a NO pile straight into the bin/charity shop.
  • Review your MAYBE pile. Now it’s time to get real baby. Make your mind up about everything that’s in this pile. Every single piece of clothing has to go either to KEEP or NO category. The golden rule is TRY IT ON! You have to try on every singe item that you placed in this pile, so you may want to do it on a separate day if you have limited time. This will help you to decide whether you’ll keep it or bin it. Invite a friend over if you need a second opinion.


After you’ve done it, you should have only good, useful clothes that suit your figure and your lifestyle in your wardrobe. Clothes that make you feel great each time you put them on. Less is more, now you should be able to look into your wardrobe and easily see what’s in there.


Useful tips to help you with the process:


  • Create seasonal categories.

I also tend to split my clothes into spring -summer and autumn- winter categories. I pack the out of season category away. This way it gives me more space for my clothes. I also focus on things that I actually need.


  • Make a list.

When I’m reviewing my clothes I tend to make a list of little things I may need to complete my outfits. These are things such as: thighs, shoes, belts, top etc. I use this list later on when I create my shopping list.


Now give your wardrobe a real revamp. Come back once you’re done and let us know how it went.¬†

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