How to create a flawless complexion even if you have an oily skin type.

Having an oily skin type can be a bit of a nightmare. Creating flawless skin isn’t easy. You’re having a constant battle with open pores, makeup sliding of your face within hours or worse, blemishes that just won’t let you cover them up. In this post I’m going to give you some tips on overcoming the most common makeup dilemmas for oily skin types.

 Foundation won’t last on your skin!

  • Most of the time it’s foundation that gets the blame. If your skin is oily and foundation won’t last till midday it seems quite reasonable to blame the product. Sometimes it is the case, so check that you’re using foundation tailored to your skin type and needs. Is it designed for an oily skin type? Is your foundation long lasting and mattifying? Or perhaps you’re using what your best friend loves and recommended to you, but they just forgot to mention she’s a dry skin type?  I’ve tried Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24 or Estēe Lauder Doublewear.
  • If you’ve tried a lot of different foundations and nothing seams to  work I recommend you look into your skincare routine. Hydration is the key to prevent your skin overproducing oil. Use a moisturiser for oily skin type such as Murad Anti-Ageing moisturiser for Blemish Prone skin or Murad’s new pore and line moisturiser with RepleniCell technology or La Roche-Posey Efficil Duo. There is more on choosing the right moisturiser for combination and oily skin type here. For all Murad products visit

 Your pores are open and visible.

  • Really enlarged pores can be quite a problem as make-up tends to go into pores making it quite impossible to achieve a flawless finish. If you’re really serious about the results I would recommend to look for a good pore refining treatment, to reduce the appearance of pores over time. Try these as a treatment murad, visonnaire, clinique.  Your quick fix will be a smoothing base. There are a few available and if I were you I’d try it on your face with your foundation to see results on the counter as not every single base will work for you. Here are some worth trying :New from Loreal, Garnier, but also By Terry, Lancome and Clarins.

 Your skin is always shiny.

  • Go back to basics and ask yourself a question. Am I using the right foundation for my skin type? Am I using a moisturiser daily and is it well suited to my skin? If you answered no, change one thing and see what happens. If the answer is yes, try some mattifying powder or oil absorbing primers such as La Base Pro from Lancome or Porefessional by Benefit. Primers should help, however if you have seriously oily skin it won’t stop the shine completely. Make sure you always have some blotting paper handy. Blotting sheets will help to remove excess oil without damaging your makeup and some will have additional mattifying and anti-blemish ingredients. I picked mine from Boots for about £2.

You’re trying to cover up blemishes.

  • Ok so this is the tricky one.  The key to flawless skin is a treatment. The key to flawless makeup is a healthy, smooth skin. Although it takes more effort to treat skin than it takes to hide it, it’s worth the hassle. Look into brands which offer treatments for problem skin. If you’re working on a budget try french pharmacy brands like Vichy or La Roche-Posay, both brands products deliver exceptional results. If you have more cash to splash out, I’d recommend dermatologically developed brands such as Murad or Clinique.
  • For your quick fix look into cancelers and foundations. Visonnaire foundation Duo, Doublewear, Teint Idole Ultra 24, Doublewear concealer, illamasqua, Use makeup brushes rather than your fingers for smoother application.

For more tips and tricks as well as  more product information watch the video below. If you’re reading it in an e-mail please follow the link to the video 

What’s your best tip to achieve flawless complexion even if you have oily skin type?


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    Veri Padula

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      Hi Veri,

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