Dr. Murad introduces RepleniCell a high-performance solution for youthful, hydrated skin.

Last Friday I again had the pleasure to meet Dr. Murad and Jeff Murad to talk about RepleniCell technology, which turns water into skincare for youthful, hydrated skin.

RepleniCell technology was developed by Dr.Murad and Jeff Murad, and is available exclusive to Murad products. “This high-performance technology turns water into a ‘performance hydrator’; ultimately into skincare, working to provide cells with optimal hydration for ultimate health and beauty.”

This technology will deliver about 40% more hydration that an average moisturiser. This is because water in traditional moisturiser acts as a delivery system rather than an active ingredient. Since about 50-60 % of a traditional moisturiser is water this was a great challenge for Dr. Murad and Jeff Murad to turn such a big part of the product to an active ingredient.

RepleniCell technology helps skin with:

  • Attracting water
  • Binding water within the skin’s surface, and
  • Strengthening the skins barrier to help it retain water

When and where you can buy it?

The first product with RepleniCell technology, a Pore & Line Minimizing Hydrator £49.50 will be available this October from www.murad.co.uk and  from February 2014 this technology will be available in all Murad moisturisers and Rapid Collagen Infusion £78.

Dr. Murad says:
“RepleniCell is fundamentally a different way to improve the look of your skin because when the skin acts younger, you look younger. It regulates moisture by infusing the skin with the optimal level of hydration and protecting the structural integrity of the skin’s barrier so it will be able to hold onto this vital water.”

Three key components of  RepleniCell:

  • Osmolytes
Small hydroplilic (water-loving) molecules that act as a natural transportation system to move water deep into the skin’s surface.
  • Select Amino Acids
Regulate the water channels within the skin and ensure healthy hydration levels.
  • Trehalose
A specialised antioxidant sugar that protects the structural integrity of skin’s barrier and helps preserve its ability to hold moisture.


Make sure you’re subscribed as my review of the first product with RepleniCell technology a Pore & Line Minimizing Hydrator is coming soon.

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