Visionnaire Yeux – New Eye Contour Perfecting Corrector from Lancôme.

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Visonnaire Yeux is Lancome’s newest addition to their Visionnaire range, along with Visionnaire 1 minute blur primer. Here you’ll find the answer to what is Visionnaire Yeux, who it is for, and what do I think of it after using it for two months.

Visonnaire Yeux contains the same active ingredient – LR2412 -, that you can find in one of Lancôme’s best selling serums; Visionnsire. The eye corrector is designed to target dark circles, lines and texture irregularities around your eye area, so it’s great for you if you’re looking to perfect the eye contour. The serum works wonders on expression lines, I guess the eye corrector will be equally good on laughter lines around the eyes and crows feet. 

Visonnare Yeux comes in a tube not like most Lancome eye creams which come in a jar, this makes it my first choice for traveling :)

It also has a bit more of fancy applicator which is made with silicone to be ultra smooth on the skin, to allow you to massage the product into your eye area. However, most of the time I was using my ring finger to smooth the cream around my eye, instead of the actual applicator. The tube is 15ml, which is a regular size for an eye product and retails at £40.


The texture is surprisingly light, more like lotion than a cream. I love how easily and quickly it’s absorbed by the skin. If you look really closely you will find very, very tiny bits in the cream, which burst when you massage it adding a hit of colour. This subtle tint creates more evenness under the eye area. It is so subtle that I only noticed it when playing with the product on the back of my hand.


I’m happy with the results it has achieved. Darkness has disappeared from under my eyes. Of course my under eye area will always have a little bit of a bluish tint, but that’s about as good as it gets. Fine lines are now smoothed too. My eyes look fresher and younger, and I’m happy enough to buy it again in the future, replacing my usual good old Genifique Eyes with new Visonnaire Yeux Eye Contour Perfecting Corrector.

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