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DreamTone was developed with over 7 years of research to give us the skin of our dreams. Lancome claims DreamTone works on colour irregularities, dark spots and uniformity. It has 9 patents so one would think it’s going to be magic. I genuinely believe more in products, which are very specific and work directly on one precise skin concern.

Who is it for?

It’s for you if you are concerned with uneven skin tone, dark spots. Your pigmentation might be caused by ageing, sitting in the sun far to long or hormonal. DreamTone is supposed to help your pigmentation problem, as long as it’s not a birth mark or freckles that you’re trying to erase, these are genetical.

DreamTone is for anyone who is concerned with skin colour irregularities. It helps to reduce redness (not sensitivity) if you are fair skinned or sallowness if your skin is mid toned. If you have dark skin, you might be trying to get rid of those blemish marks!

3 formulas for better results.

There are three different formulations available, one for each different pigmentation profile, to deliver spectacular results.

  • Profile 1 – Fair skin
  • Profile 2- Medium skin
  • Profile 3 – Dark skin

My experience and my guinea pig. 

I’d say the texture is more like a moisturiser rather than a serum. When I used DreamTone and my regular moisturiser on top I found my skin getting a bit oily. I also had a couple of blemishes making an appearance. My skin is combination to oily and I found DreamTone too thick for my liking.

I haven’t got pigmentation so couldn’t really test DreamTone properly so I’ve asked my friend to give it a go. She likes to go out and sit in the sun with no sun protection (UVA and UVB), which is totally wrong on every level. After her recent holiday she came back with some serious dark spots cause by sun damage on her cheeks, forehead and décolletage. Her skin is dry to normal and she found the texture of DreamTone luxurious and smooth. A few weeks later and we both saw stunning results. In my opinion the pigmentation looked lighter rather than smaller, but the difference was quite impressive.



DreamTone costs £69 for a 40ml bottle, which currently is the only size available.

I’d love you to share with me and others what results you have achieved when using DreamTone? Whether it’s the sample or the product you’re using share your thoughts in the comments below.

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    Patricia Montenegro

    Eva, I love the new look to your website! Very “clean” and easy on the eyes.

    I haven’t tried this product, but based on your description, I wouldn’t get it because I prefer more “watery” serums. Thank you so much for the review! X

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