9 little known factors that can cause dry skin on your face.

dry skin on the face
The miracle cure to most problems is knowing what’s the initial cause of it. Here is a list of little known factors you might have never taken into consideration before, they could be causing you to have a dry skin problem.
  1. Moisturiser – Skipping your daily moisturiser or using one, which is not right for your skin type can cause skin on your face to dry. If you suffer with dry skin you need a good compensating cream, which will help not only with water balance but also with lipids (oils).
  2. soap – Quite frankly I’m still shocked how often I meet people who decide to use soap on their face and than complain with dry and red skin. Firstly we tend to use far to much of it and secondly soap can strip off oils. Use cleansing milk or gentle face wash for sensitive skin instead.
  3. Hot baths and showers I know standing in a hot shower is lovely but your skin will thank you if you turn the hot tap down a little. One hot bath, once in a while shouldn’t be a problem, but on a daily basis it is best if you man up a little.
  4. Fashion – or lack of it. Leaving your house without a scarf and a hat does mean your poor skin gets the impact. You think that you’re tough or fashionable? No, you’re just silly and in need of some style advise. :)
  5. Medication – Some medications also can cause dry skin, if that could be the case with you it’s worth talking to your doctor to see if he can change a dose or prescribe an alternative medication. 
  6. Bad diet – Eating disorder or bad diet can also be a cause of dry skin as your body is not getting curtail ingredients to maintain a healthy balance. You need some motivation and good will to put effort into good eating habits. An eating disorder is an extreme and would require professional advice.
  7. Genes – You can be 100% heathy and still suffer with severe dry skin. Most probably your genes are to blame for it. All you can do is use good compensating body and face creams religiously. 
  8. Age – Dry skin develops with age too. Also hormonal changes can cause your skin to change and become dry. If this could be your problem, look for a moisturiser designed for mature skin. These tend to be richer in texture and full of ingredients helping aged skin to get stronger. 
  9. Medical conditions – Some medical conditions can also contribute or cause dry skin on your face such as: Diabetes, Hypothyroidism. Change your skincare products if your skin is changing but if the dryness is severe, consult your doctor for advice. 
I hope a few of those points will give you the knowledge to take acton and help give your dry skin the attention it deserves. 
If you know of any extra common factors that can contribute to dry skin and know what would help, please do share it with everyone below. X
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  • Reply October 3, 2013


    You forgot to mention dehydration – If you dont take in enough water, you can affect your skin from within too x

    • Reply October 3, 2013


      Thanks Leah,

      That’s true. I’d even say, we should try to eat our water by eating loads of fresh fruit and vegetables.
      Eva x

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