The secret to sexy skin.


Don’t you want your skin to be sensationally smooth and wonderfully hydrated, looking it’s absolutely best all the time? You think that miracles don’t happen! What if you don’t need a miracle to get the skin you want?

The good old saying “that you show on the outside what you put inside” holds the secret. It’s no surprise that our diet has a significant impact on the condition of our skin, but despite the fact we know it, it’s not always possible to obey the rules.

IMEDEEN is your answer as it delivers spectacular results, which are measurable.
IMEDEEN is packed with unique ingredients boosting your skins collagen production. It’s a diet supplement, which is supposed to help you age nicer and look younger for longer. It works in the deep layers of your skin, where your moisturisers and serums can’t reach. You won’t be able to see that your collagen level has risen with you eyes but can book yourself an appointment with a Skin Specialist at IMEDEEN if you wish to and have it measured with a Dermascan. You’ll feel your skin’s better hydrated, and I’m not just talking about your face but the whole body. It’ll be more radiant too.

I’m currently on my third month of the treatment of IMEDEEN Derma One. This is the minimum time you should be taking it for to start noticing any difference. I can feel my skin is now better hydrated and more radiant. I suppose that’s about all I can see or feel right now, but that’s absolutely fine, as all the changes are happening within my skin. You should think of IMEDEEN as an add on to your diet, taken for a long period of time, not a one of treatment.

I even decided to reach for IMEDEEN Hair. I’m on my first pack and I hope to continue this treatment for at least two more months. I shall let you know how I get on with it. I feel like I’ve unlocked the secret to amazing skin.

Have you tried IMEDEEN? How long have you been taking it for and what are your thoughts?

I also came across this lovely article by Bridget March from COSMOPOLITAN on her experiment with IMEDEEN, showing the Dermascan results, have a read if you need some more convincing.

You can buy IMDEEN skin at Boots, which is currently on a 3 for 2 offer. Price £35.99 per pack.

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