Can Cleansing Wipes Destroy your skin?


Face cleansing wipes have become very popular over recent years. Wipes fit perfectly into our hectic lives. Taking the day’s makeup off has never been easier right? But have you ever thought of how good they are for you? How well they clean your skin? Don’t be a fool and fall into the trap of laziness. 


Would you consider your your teeth clean just because you chew on chewing gum? Well then, taking your make up off with a wipe doesn’t mean you’ve cleansed your skin. That’s what I think. In my opinion wipes are great for traveling, gym, camping and festivals. I’ve used them many times after photo shoots or fashion shows, but then I washed my face as soon as I got home. I don’t think they should replace your good cleansing routine. 

Why shouldn’t you use wipes as a main cleansing routine?

Firstly, wipes are harsh for your skin and most will contain alcohol, which can dehydrate your skin when used daily. Most of all, wipes just can’t clean your skin deeply enough, removing every single bit of makeup and dirt, which can lead to skin problems. 

Wipes might not be the best for our skin, but they’re not a monster either, and like I said before, there are some situations where wipes can save your life. Now there’s a better option available than conventional wipes. I’m excited to report that Murad has just launched some new skin cleansing wipes for blemish-prone skin, which are clinically proven to keep skin clear by removing dirt, bacteria and pore clogging oil. Yes, these wipes are not only cleaning but also keeping spots at bay. With the new Murad wipes you can clean your skin and have no risk of waking up with blemishes.


With Murad Cleansing Wipes you can remove all makeup and dirt and you are ready to follow with a serum or a moisturiser. There’s no need to tone or re-wash your skin. I have very oily skin and I break out if I only ‘look’ at the wrong product. My skin was recently very well behaved so when I received some wipes to test I felt both excited and terrified. Excited as I trust Murad products, terrified because I was holding a face cleansing wipe in my hand!! It took me over a week to summon the courage and give Murad wipes a go. If you’ve been visiting Social Beautify before you may know that I’ve been a big fan of Dr. Murad ever since his book landed in my hands. So I’ve tested them! I have never ever in my entire life used only a wipe before there was a Dr. Murad wipe. My face felt really clean and cool for quite some time thanks the Menthol infused. I also liked that these wipes were generously soaked, which allowed me to remove my makeup much easier that with regular wipes, I used to use at the gym. After using them I followed with my regular moisturiser and that was it! I used nothing else to cleanse. I repeated the exercise a couple of times on different occasions. Each time my skin was clear from blemishes. I like to wash my face with water so it was quite a strange sensation to skip that part in my daily cleansing routine, but I was impressed with the results so much that I just ordered a pack of Murad wipes, which are now on discount for just £9.95 instead of the regular price of £18. 


For beautiful naked skin Dr. Murad does still recommend a good old face wash as your main cleansing routine and so would I. I believe that a good cleansing routine is fundamental to achieving sensational skin. Now, when you really have to use wipes, you have a great option as Dr. Murad’s wipes, are of course packed with beneficial skincare ingredients including:

Witch Hazel to control oil and tighten pores

Algae Extract to regulate excess sebum production

Grape Seed Extract and Vitamin E protect from free radical damage

Menthol soothes irritated skin and is cooling

Cucumber Extract hydrates skin and minimises skin irritations.

Calendula calms inflamed blemishes.


Murad Clarifying Wipes

Price: £18 for pack of 30

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