Why should you wear a moisturiser when you have oily skin and which one to choose!?

Skincare for oily skin

In this post I’ll explain how your skin is working and what you need to use in order to keep oily skin looking flawless. I’ve been working in beauty for over a decade and spoke to many woman with oily skin. Quite a significant number of them are guilty of skipping a moisturiser. Are you one of them?

So, what happens when you skip moisturising and you happen to have an oily skin type. Well, to say it nicely, you are just causing…


  • more oil production
  • skin dehydration
  • spots
  • make-up to slide off your face


You have to remember that oil is good for your skin. It’s your skins natural way of hydrating and locking in moisture. Ok, your skin might be a bit excited and is producing more than enough of it, but by skipping your moisturiser you are just encouraging it to produce even more. If it’s loosing water or feels quite dry this is the most natural way of dealing with the problem. By using your moisturiser you can actually reduce the amount of sebum (oil) your skin is producing. 

If you suffer with oily skin, you most likely are also guilty of using harsh face washes. Stripping your skin of all the oil on the surface and skipping your moisturiser can cause skin dehydration. It means you still have oily skin, which is producing excess oil but at the same time your skin is lacking moisture, as a result if can feel quite dry – paper like – on the surface.

 There is only one thing that can follow next, SPOTS! Excess oil trapped in the hair follicles plus bacteria and voilà. Not every one with oily skin will have problem with blemishes. The fact your skin is prone to blemishes doesn’t always mean it is also dehydrated.

Last but not least, as you skip your daily moisturiser your poor skin will soak up any bit of moisture from your foundation and next produce a lot of oil – to lock any moisture left in your skin – making your make-up slide off your pretty face in no time at all.

Sounds familiar? The solution is really simple. You just have to moisturise every day, morning and evening. Here are some top moisturisers for oily and blemish-prone skin.


  • La Roche – Posay Effaclair Duo – perfect for oily skin with small pimples as it helps to treat blemishes and unclogs sebum-blocked pores. This is seriously magic in a bottle! I have never ever tried anything that works this well. 
  • La Roche – Posay Effaclar K – for those deep and sore spots – I use it anyway once or twice a week – as it helps to treat spots and helps with skin renewal.
  • La Roche – Posay Effaclar Mat – is perfect to regulate sebum production and minimize the appearance of pores. It’s great to keep your skin shine free.
  • Murad – Anti-Aging Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF20 for blemish-prone skin – this is fantastic moisturiser for anyone who suffers with adult acne, anyone with blemishes who is looking for an anti-ageing moisturiser but has oily skin. Look out for a full product review on the blog soon. You can buy it and all the other lovely products from Murad web site www.murad.co.uk , which offers free delivery.
  • Vichy – Normaderm – Global anti-imperfection hydrating care. I’d say this is great for quite young skin suffering with oiliness and some imperfections.
  • La Roche – Posay Hydraphase Intense Legere. This is like a drink of water, perfect for fighting dehydration for oily skin type, there is also a version with SPF 20 available.
  • Clarince – Huile Lotus – face oil, which is designed to regulate oil production. This is an add on to your daily moisturising routine. I had some amazing results with this product and you can read more about it here.


I hope this helps and from now on you will moisturise daily. Please share if you know of any other good products for oily skin. 


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