August in Instagram – Social Beautify.

I allowed myself to dream in August, but that was only after I cried all my tears out. Some of those dreams are silly, some are crazy, others are very realistic. August was for me a month of reflection, a month of small and big changes, a month of risk taking.

My mum came over to visit. We spent some time walking by the river and just talking, occasionally stopping for a cake or a cup of coffee.

The glorious weather stayed with us for another month giving me the chance to wear my most favourite summer dresses.

I have eventually got round to use my Albert Elbaz Lancôme mascara. I wasn’t initially that excited about this limited edition version.  I think it’s a great gift buy. Despite it being a limited edition product, I’ve still seen it available in many stores.

It might be sad when summer ends, however it’s a very exciting time of the year. It is time for big product launches and new collections.

I’m currently trying out some products from Murad including their new face cleansing wipes and Anti-Aging Moisturizer for Blemish Prone skin. I’m very excited about this product.

There’s also a new skincare innovation from Lancôme for skin with pigmentation and skin irregularities, which I am also currently testing out.

All in all it was a very busy month and I was so proud of myself to finally find some time to sit back and relax.

I hope you all had good August. Don’t forget you can follow me on the instagram here.

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