Would you dare to go bare?



If I was to go out bare and be 100% happy with my complexion, my skin would have to be some kind of a dream skin. Why dream skin? You see because my dream skin would be perfect in every way.

  • Skin without blemishes!
  • Redness free. I don’t get as bad patchiness as I used to, but I still see some areas for improvement. I need my makeup to hide some redness around my nose, chin and cheeks.
  • I’d like my skin tone to be even too. I don’t have pigmentation but there’s a little bit of unevenness I suppose.


I can’t complain too much really. I do have pretty good skin and most days I don’t need that much makeup, but if there’s something that could make it even better I’d say Hell Yes!

Would you dare to go bare? What would your dream skin be like?

I’m asking you because Lancôme has just launched something extraordinary. I can’t wait to put my hands on Dream Tone and check for myself, how well it works. Lancôme claims it’s a tailor made, ultimate dark spot corrector and beautiful skin tone creator . If you’re into celebrity gossip you may know what I’m taking about, as it has been reported that The Duchess of Cambridge has been using it already.

I’d like you to take your make up off, look in the mirror and think what would have to change for you to dare to go bare? Tell me what would your dream skin would be like?  

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