Color Boost lip crayons.

Color Boost for lips

Color Boost lip crayons are currently my most favourite lip products. French make-up company Bourjois launched them last month. It was the huge success of Chubby Stick lip balms by Clinique, which started the epidemic of these kind of products. Most Mass Market brands (those less expensive, with no consultant and no counter) started releasing their versions of the Chubby Sticks. I’ve tried quite a few different ones now and I can happily say that Bourjous Color Boost crayons are by far the best in my opinion.

Color Boost formula has got a silk extract which explains why I find my lips always hydrated when I use the crayons. Bourjois claims it offers a 10 hour hydration. I haven’t been counting the hours, however I have to say that I haven’t been experiencing dry lips that much recently and Color Boost crayons were pretty much all I’ve been using on my lips.

I would generally recommend them as a lip product for summer or when you’re trying to achieve a very natural look. Color Boost crayons have SPF 15 and a waterproof color, so would make a perfect holiday lip product. Having a lovely lightweight texture, they not only look natural but also feel equally lightweight.

Personally I haven’t been testing the waterproofness of the colour, however I have noticed it lasted well, especially taking into consideration their very light texture.

Here are my most favourite shades. I hope you like them. What do you think? Which is your most favourite?



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